Citicar – America’s Most Successful Electric Car

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It may not look like much, but Citicar was once one of the most popular vehicles in the United States and still manages to turn heads with its bizarre look.

Produced between 1974 and 1977, by Sebrin Vanguard Inc., Citicar is the most produced electric car in the history of American car manufacturing. Powered only by batteries, the golf-cart sized Citicar reached a top speed of 63km/h and was a big hit especially during the fuel crisis of the ’70s.

In 1976, Sebring Vanguard sold enough electric cars to secure the number 6 spot in the top American car manufacturers. Although the company went bankrupt in 1977, the Citicar design was acquired by Comuter Vehicles and produce in many variants.

It may be fuel efficient, but it sure is ugly



Batmobile Replica Seen in Sweden

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An impressive replica of the original Batmobile has been turning heads on the streets of Sweden, recently.

Batman undoubtedly one of the most comic-book hero of all times and fans are always trying to find or build the coolest memorabilia. Not long ago we featured some photos of a home-built Batman Tumbler built from scratch and of a Tumbler built from a Go Kart. Now a Swedish dude apparently spent around one million dollars over 3-5 years to convert a 1973 Lincoln Continental into an awesome replica of the original Batmobile.

A result of over 20,000 hours of work, the Batmobile replica comes with voice recognition, DVD players, height adjustment, reversing cameras and other gadgets. It’s definitely one of the coolest Batmobile replicas I’ve seen.

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PUMA Makes Formula 1 Car out of Clothes

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The PUMA retail team has created an almost perfect replica of a Ferrari F60 Formula 1 car out of clothes, caps, shoes and bags.

What is it about Formula 1 cars that makes people want to recreate them out of the weirdest things? You may remember some of our previous posts about the Formula 1 car made from bread, or the one made from styrofoam. Today we present you the Formula 1 car build out of PUMA clothes and accessories.

The wearable creation is on display at the PUMA store in London, be sure to check it out if you’re in the area. The video at the bottom will reveal how the PUMA F60 was built and you can let the builders know what you think of their work, for the chance to win a signed pair of PUMA racing shoes.



The Cork Truck

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The Cork Truck is just one of the cork masterpieces created by Jan Elftman, known as the Queen of Corks.

What would you do with 10,000 wine corks? Well, you could make yourself a wine cork costume or even create an original cork painting, but Jan Elftman decided to cover a truck with them. She worked in an Italian restaurant for thirteen years and she managed to collect around 10,000 corks, so don’t worry, she didn’t drink 10,000 bottles of wine.

Her Cork Truck is one of the most popular vehicles on the internet, but covering it with corks also has more practical purposes. Cork is naturally impermeable, water resistant and provides buoyancy. The only thing I would be worried about is getting pulled over by the police, under suspicion of DUI.



Pimped-Out Hello Kitty Car Spotted in Russia

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I swear Hello Kitty is trying to take over the whole world. It’s everywhere these days, even on things that used to belong to us manly men, like guns and Gundam robots and it even got its very own Hello Kitty castle.

And if thing weren’t bad enough, I’ve just come across some dreadful photos of a Hello Kitty car, taken in mother Russia. Someone went through an awful lot of trouble converting a perfectly nice Suzuki into a hideous girly-pink ride.



Batman Tumbler Made from Go Kart

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An eBay user made an-awesome-looking replica of the Tumbler Batman drives in The Dark Knight, using a go kart and some parts available on eBay.

tully712 is now selling the plans needed to build the Tumbler and you can buy them from here. The winning bid now stands at $30.08.

Here’s a much better-looking replica of Batman’s Tumbler, but it’s also a lot more expensive.

via Neatorama




Russians Invent the Mobile Drum Set

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It’s not exactly a music industry breakthrough, but it does show Russian music fans can be very resourceful when they need to.

I’ve seen quite a few ingenious motorcycle sidecars, but a full drum set? Sounds a bit silly, but if you’re looking to draw some attention to yourself, there’s no better way than banging on drums while a friend drives the bike through the city streets. Actually, this sounds like a good way to get noticed by record companies as well.

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Wilcraft – The Ultimate Ice-Fishing Vehicle

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Wilcraft is an innovative vehicle specifically designed to ensure ice-fishermen return home safely from their fishing sessions.

It might not be the coolest car you’ve ever seen, but then again, it wasn’t built to win awards for its look. Wilcraft was built for ice-fishing, but it also drives on snow and water without sinking. Its wide tires create a pressure of only 130grams per square meter, even with a load of up to 250 kg.

Wilcraft also features a tent to protect you from bad weather and a 5-cm-thick insulated floor that keeps you nice and warm on the coldest ice. You too can be the proud owner of a Wilcraft, for the (not so) small price of $10,450.

Keep in mind you won’t be able to race this baby, since it has a top speed of just 30km per hour.





Superman Marries Wonder Woman

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A true superhero wedding took place on Saturday, in a warehouse in Portland, where Superman and Wonder Woman became husband and wife. I know, you were expecting him to marry Lois Lane, but life is just full of surprises.

When he asked her to marry him, Tony Lucchese told his beloved Sarah LaFore she was his kryptonite and gave her a green diamond ring. Although none of them is a comic-book fan, they kept joking about having a superhero wedding, until it turned into something serious.

They had custom suits tailored and Tony, with the help of his friends, built a Fortress of Solitude altar, in a hangar, so they could be married in a superhero setting. The groomsmen included Spider-man, Aquaman, Flash, The Hulk and Batman, while the maids of honor were dressed as amazons and armed with spears.

Really original stuff and all I can say is: I wish them a superhero marriage as well.

Photos by Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

via Sun Journal







Pimped-Out APC, Russian Style

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Personally, I thought rollin’ around in a pimped-out Hummer was as cool as it could get, if you’re into big cars, but the Russians are on a whole other level.

This Russian APC has to be the coolest personal vehicle ever. Painted in black and green chameleon paint, fitted with xenon lights and featuring  GPRS navigation, night-vision devices, TV and audio equipment, satellite communication, air conditioning and various other cool stuff, this is the ultimate ride.

This VIP APC has an-leather interior with mahogany inserts and is powered by a 5.5 liter engine. It reaches a top speed of 120km/h on land and 12km/h on water.

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The Nunrunner

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This unique vehicle is the Nunrunner, a 1962 Dodge Dart, converted into a custom limousine.

Apparently the Nunrunner was commissioned by the Vatican but was later sold to a Catholic Church in Kentucky. It might look old and rusty, but this Dodge is actually a pretty modern car. It has a V10 engine, borrowed from a Dodge Ram, and a T56 six-speed manual transmission. The chassis has been fortified and the suspension replaced with one from a 2004 CorvetteZ06, so you’re not likely to experience any technical problems.

The Nunrunner was auctioned on eBay and sold for a mere $3,350. I’d pay more only to be the owner of a unique vehicle.

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Camera Van – The Ultimate Paparazzi-Mobile

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You have to be insane or bored out of your mind to cover an entire van with photo cameras, but Harold Blank thinks of it as art.

It all started one night in 1993, when Harold Blank had a dream where he covered his entire van with cameras. When he woke up he thought his dream was an epiphany so he went straight to the store and bought all the cheap cameras he could afford. Shortly after, the Camera Van was born.

Blank likes to drive around the cities and take photos of people. he believes when passers-by see his creation they are under the impression the cameras are all broken, so they act more loosely. That gives him a chance to take some great shots.

The front of the Camera Van is covered with all types of Polaroid cameras, the driver’s side is a mural made out of Kodak Instamatic cameras, the passenger’s side has 32-inch LCDs that look like negative frames. The back of the van has 2 LCDs of kids waving to passers-by while the word “SMILE” sits atop the car, constructed from Kodak point-and-shoot cameras.

Harold Blank’s official site could be harmful to your computer, according to Google, but you can check it out if you wish. I hear he has been driving his Camera Van through Mexico and South America and hasn’t updated his site in over 2 years.

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Dummer – A Wooden Hummer Replica

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Guy makes wooden replica of a Hummer and posts it for sale on eBay.

Although its owner is advertising it as an off-road vehicle, but seeing as it’s made almost completely out of plywood, I’d think twice before driving it on rough terrain. It is built on the chassis of a 90’s Chevrolet S10 and reaches a top speed of…well I don’t know exactly, but I’m sure it’s not very much.

Someone actually bought the wooden Hummer for the price of $3,350. Congratulations and drive safely!

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A True Motorcycle Sidecar

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If you’re going to ride ina sidecar why not make it a really cool sidecar?

I bet that’s what Francois Knorreck said to himself when he started working on this unique motorcycle-car, 10 years ago. That’s right it took him 10 years and $20,000 to complete this masterpiece he calls the Snaefell. He used a Laverda motorcycle and put together the car using whatever parts he got his hands on.

Great effort, this crazy project is right up there with the 1967 Mustang Trike.

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Fire-Up That V8

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Having your engine die-out on you can be a real tragedy, but knowing you can turn it into a kick-ass grill can make things a lot better.

Trent Whatley had the idea of an engine grill cooking-up in his head for about two years, but due to lack of time and parts he kept putting it on the back burner. One day he did an internet search on the subject and found cars turned into grills and grills powered by car-engines, but nothing like what he was about to build.

With the help of his neighbor, Terry Bacon, they started turning a small block Chevy V8 engine into a mean grilling machine. Pimped-out with a nice flaming paint-job and killer valve covers, Trent Whatley’s V8 Engine Grill managed to capture the attention of everyone at a local car-show.

And here I was thinking the washing-machine grill or the Death-Star Grill were as cool as grills get. This thing is way out of their league.

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