Indian Groom Forced to Marry Another Woman After Bride-to-Be Rejects Him Because He Is Balding

An Indian groom returned home with a different wife that the one he had originally intended to marry, after his bride-to-be refused to go ahead with the wedding upon seeing that he was balding.

Dr. Ravi Kumar’s family had arranged his weeding to a girl in Sugauli village, Bihar, more than a year ago, and all there was left wad for the couple to finally meet and get married in a traditional wedding ceremony. As the set date of February 18, approached, Kumar, a neurosurgeon, traveled with his family from New Delhi to Bihar, but he never actually met his bride-to-be until his wedding day, which turned out to be a big mistake. After all the rituals were completed and all there was left for the betrothed couple was to enter the wedding pavilion to be married, disaster struck. Kumar removed his traditional headgear and his bride-to-be noticed that he was balding.

Photo: Dainik Bhaskar

A full set of hair was apparently a must for the young bride, because upon seeing Ravi’s thinning mane, she flat-out refused to go ahead with the wedding. Despite all attempts from Kumar’s relatives to get the girl’s family to respect the deal they had made more than a year ago, the bride-to-be would not be swayed, so the whole thing had to be called off.

But Dr. Ravi Kumar had left home that day certain that he would return a married man, and he wouldn’t let a minor setback like the bride-to-be’s refusal foil his plan. So he had his family scour the village for another bride, and, believe it or not, they were successful. His relatives turned to the local Panchayat for help, and they suggested he marry┬áNeha, the daughter of a poor vegetable seller. The two were married at the Ramjanki Temple complex that same day.

A photo of the newlyweds shows a smiling Ravi, happy to have fulfilled his goal of becoming a married man, but Neha, on the other hand, isn’t exactly the poster girl of bridal bliss. I guess being told you’re to immediately marry a man you know almost nothing about is not the best news a woman can get…

Source: Dainik Bhaskar via Gulf News

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