Warship Yamato, Largest LEGO Ship Ever Built

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How long would the legendary Japanese Warship Yamato be, built out of LEGO bricks?

That’s the question Jumpei Mitsui asked himself since he was a young boy. Now a third year student, Jumpei has answered his own question by building a LEGO model of the Yamato. It took the young Japanese 6 years and 4 months to finish his masterpiece, using 200,000 LEGO bricks.

The LEGO warship is built at a scale of 1/40, weighs over 150 kilograms, measures 6.6 meters from bow to stern and is 1 meter wide at the widest point of the ship.

Jumpei Mitsui finished the LEGO Yamato on April 9, 2009 and he deserves our congratulations. Well done my friend.

Check the link at the bottom for more photos.





















via geocities.jp

Famous LEGO Paintings

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LEGO bricks have become the most popular tools when people want to recreate something famous, in a totally different way.

This is not te first time someone used LEGO bricks to make something extraordinary. Some built LEGO famous buildings, others made the LEGO Beijing Olympics and recently Legoland California recreated Obama’s Inauguration from LEGO.

The LEGO famous paintings are the work of former Italian bank worker Marco Pece. He posts his LEGO masterpieces on Flickr, under the pseudonym Udronotto, and his creations have become hits on the internet. Visist his profile on Flickr to see more of his original LEGO artwork, it trully is amazing.















via Dailymail

Barack Obama’s LEGO Inauguration

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If you couldn’t watch Obama’s inauguration in person, you can do it at Legoland California.

Over 1,000 figurines and hundredes of thousands of bricks were used to recreate Barack Obama’s hystorical inauguration on the steps of the capitol. Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and their two daughters, Sasha and Malia, are depicted as he takes the oath.

The figurines used in the LEGO recreation of the inauguration were all faceless, but one could recognize famous personalities like, ex-president George W. Bush and his wife Barbara, the next Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband, former president of the US, Bill Clinton, Aretha Franklin and Oprah Winfrey.

The LEGO inauguration will remain on display at Legoland California until May, so you have plenty of time to stop by.











via Telegraph.co.uk

World’s Tallest LEGO Tower Moves to Vienna

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A few months ago I wrote a post about the world’s tallest tower near Legoland Windsor, in England, but now it is forced to hand over the title to the new LEGO Tower in Vienna.

Built by hundreds of children near Vienna‘s city-hall, the new world’s tallest LEGO tower ended up being 29,48 meters tall, beating the previous tower of “only” 29,03 meters. The LEGO tower in Vienna was built using a crane and several support wires that secured it against strong winds. After the record was certified by an official judge from The Guinness Book of Records, the LEGO Tower was dismantled.

The Tower of Vienna was created to celebrate the festival “100 Years of Friends of Children“.








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LEGO Chevrolet Camaro

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So far we’ve seen so pretty crazy things built out of LEGO pieces, like the LEGO Sushi, LEGO Beijing Olympics and even the world’s tallest LEGO Tower, but a real-size car? Well, yes, a LEGO master that goes by the internet name of Crowkillers managed to build a 2009 Chevrolet Camaro using only advanced LEGO Technic pieces. Although it’s impossible to see it in the photos, the LEGO Technic pieces allow this Chevy Camaro to move around without the use of a hand.

Several thousand pieces went into this LEGO masterpiece and probably hundreds of hardwork, but Crowkillers must be really proud of himself, the LEGO Chevrolet Camaro is a thing of beauty







Source: Edmunds Inside Line

LEGO Sushi

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This LEGO sushi plate just goes to show you that LEGOs can be molded into pretty much anything. Just look at how delicious the arrangement looks, I’d sink my teeth into it and I don’t even like sushi.

This LEGO sushi work of art belongs to Big Daddy Melson, a true master









The LEGO Beijing Olympics

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A team of LEGO and sports enthusiasts presented a LEGO model of some of the buildings built by the Chinese for the 2008 Olympic Games. The model was presented in Hong Kong and includes small scale replicas of buildings such as Bird’s Nest stadium, Water Cube swimming center and the Olympic Village.

The LEGO Beijing Olympics were created by members of the Hong Kong LEGO users group and took more than 100 hours to complete. Great effort, the model looks amazing.

















World’s tallest LEGO tower

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This toy tower brings back memories…

If you’re lucky enough to be living near Legoland Windsor, in England, than you’ll be able to examine this toy wonder in person. It may look pointless but this baby climbed its way into the Guinness Book of Records as the World’s Tallest LEGO tower. The former record was of 96 feet but the Legoland Windsor tower measures a whopping 100 feet. It was built to resemble a Viking longboat mast, to mark the inauguration of the land of Vikings attraction in the theme park, but also to celebrate 50 years of LEGO.

The tower was built by children, one 20 cm portion at a time, portions that were then lifted by a crane and it took almost half a million LEGO pieces to build. The tower is held in place by wires.



Lego-made famous buildings

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These little things can turn into impressive looking things.

Many might think that Lego bricks are only toys, but photos like these prove that in the hands of a talented person they can turn into true artwork.



IKEA-Style Home Can Be Built in 4 Days Using Only a Screwdriver

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French architecture firm Multipod Studio has come up with a revolutionary housing prototype – the PopUp House. This unique dwelling comes in the form of stackable blocks that anyone can put together IKEA style, using only a screwdriver. It’s supposedly as easy as building with Legos.

The company unveiled their PopUp House design in 2014, but was once again picked up by several media outlets last month, and since we missed the initial launch two years ago, we decided it was a good opportunity to include this amazing concept in our Architecture collection.

The PopUp House prototype, located in Aix-in-Provence, is a 1,614-square foot structure with an open layout – the living room is connected to a kitchen, dining area, and terrace. It also includes two bathrooms, an office, a master bedroom, and two smaller bedrooms. It doesn’t sound any different than a conventional house, but what really makes the PopUp House special is the construction process, which only takes four days and only requires an electric screwdriver.

PopUp-House ..

Thrill-Seekers Could Soon Ride the Clouds with This New Sky Surfing Board

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‘Wingboarding’ is a new type of adventure sport that will soon be made available to thrill-mongers around the world. Developed by Wyp Aviation, a startup company trying to “take aviation to the next level”, the WingBoard provides riders with a stable platform that flies through the air rather than falling towards the ground.

It’s sort of a cross between skysurfing and wakeboarding and involves surfing through the sky on a board while being towed by a plane. The daredevil stunt is meant to emulate the comic book superhero Silver Surfer, who can travel through space on his surfboard-shaped craft. “The WingBoard is like a wakeboard, but instead of slicing through waves behind a boat, you’re being towed by a plane, carving through clouds,” said founder and lead engineer Aaron Wypyszynski.

wingboarding ..

Hong Kong Toddlers Take Special Classes to Make Sure They Get into the Best Nurseries and Kindergartens

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Believe it or not, the kindergarten scene in Hong Kong is so fiercely competitive that tiny toddlers are expected to take special classes to get prepped for nursery interviews!

You might wonder what the big deal is about nursery school – kids just play and take naps, right? But parents in Hong Kong actually view it as an important phase that could determine their child’s future. They strongly believe in the cascading effect – admission to the best kindergartens will lead to the best primary schools, best secondary schools, and eventually, the best universities.

“It’s the only topic that comes up when you go out for lunch, which school your kid got into, which school are you applying for and how are you preparing your child for it?” one mother revealed. “My friends have sent me spreadsheets with a detailed timetable of when schools are available for applications and how to apply.”

kindergarten-hong-kong ..

8-Year-Old Girl Feeds Neighborhood Crows, They Thank Her with Gifts

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8-year-old Gabi Mann, from Seattle, has some very unusual friends who shower her with gifts almost every day. Ever since she started feeding her neighborhood crows, they began returning the favor and bringing back all kinds of trinkets.

Gabi’s unique relationship with the neighborhood crows began in 2011, when at age four, she was prone to dropping food. Soon, the crows were always watching for her, hoping to get a bite of the crumbs she dropped. As she got older, she began to feed them consciously – she would share her lunch with them on the way to the bus stop. It wasn’t long before crows were lining up in the afternoon to greet her at the stop.

In 2013, Gabi started feeding the birds regularly, instead of sharing her scraps with them. Along with her family, she would fill the birdbath in the backyard with fresh water every day, cover the bird feeder platforms with peanuts and throw handfuls of dog food on to the grass. Soon, the crows automatically lining up on the telephone lines, waiting for their treats.

gifts-from-crows ..

Gravity Glue – Michael Grab’s Gravity Defying Rock Balancing Art

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Artist Michael Grab is a master of rock balancing – he can pile them up in all sorts of gravity-defying formations, and believe it or not, there’s no glue involved.

Michael calls his art a ‘contemplative stone arrangement’ that involves ‘patience, adaptation, slow-breathing, steady hands and a plethora of other practiced skills’. His project, called ‘Gravity Glue’, has him balancing rocks of all shapes and capturing the impossible-looking structures on camera.



16-Year-Old Creates Revolutionary Flashlight Powered Solely by Body Heat

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16-year-old Ann Makosinski, from Victoria, Canada, has come up with a marvelous invention – a flashlight powered solely by body-heat. Her project won second prize at a local science fair, and made it all the way to the 2013 Google Science Fair, where she was declared the winner for her age group. She also updated it to a handsfree version this year – a body-heat powered headlamp, for which she won the 2014 Weston Youth Innovation Award.

Ann’s project is truly remarkable for its sheer simplicity and brilliance. I mean, it isn’t every day that you come across a light source that doesn’t use batteries, solar power, or wind energy. The device just powers on as soon as you hold it in your palm. If that isn’t genius, I don’t know what is!

The secret behind Ann’s invention is thermoelectric technology, and devices called Peltier tiles. And it’s really surprising that no one’s ever thought to use that kind of technology to power a flashlight before. Think of all the AA batteries we could avoid using!



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