Beautiful Paint Job

I know this hardly qualifies as an oddity but I just loved the paint job on this Lamborghini and I thought I’d share it with you guys. Let me know what you think. This might just be the best paint job I’ve ever seen, if you think you’ve seen better, link me.






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  • wallee Posted on November 20, 2008

    Looks like one of them polynesian tatooes to me….

    On a car? – Not very cool. IMHO

  • spazzz Posted on November 20, 2008

    i believe i saw it referred to as “the sharpie car” on another blog i read, it’s not paint it’s permanent ink.

  • bb Posted on November 20, 2008

    It’s ugly!!!

  • Rick Farr Posted on November 21, 2008

    You just don’t have the money for the car or the paintjob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Posted on November 21, 2008

    Yeah, I agree it qualifies as an oddity, because that’s pretty damned odd!

  • TishlaDish Posted on November 26, 2008

    Hey I’m diggin it! I come from the ArtCar world, so I totally appreciate the work and creativity that has gone into this piece of Art.

  • Carolyn Posted on November 27, 2008

    I’m a big fan of art cars and art car artists too so I may be partial in my take on the subject. The Lamborghini is a beautiful piece of art to begin with (unlike the garden variety vw bug I decorated!) I love the asymmetric design and the strong (masculine) black vs white lines balance nicely with the (more feminine) curvilinear shapes. Great job with the Sharpee! very resourceful. I hope they used uv protectant in the sealant (as the black will fade to grey otherwise)

  • Hunter Mann Posted on December 3, 2008

    I really like the car! It makes perfect sense that someone who can afford a great car like this, would want a unique paint job. Sure is more imaginative than the standard red & bright yellow painted Lamborghinis. I salute Lamborghini Miami and Sharpie for stepping outside the lines of traditional car paint color/design.
    I work part-time in restoration of art cars, exhibition and transportation of art cars, so I think it’s really great for the world of art cars/car artists to have a legendary exotic performance car like Lamborghini now among the many art cars in North America. In 2009 I hope to see the BMW museum of art cars, and spend more time at Art Car World in Arizona.

  • emerson fonseca Posted on November 15, 2009

    olá, sou fã do lamburghini tenho a maior admiração pelo design do lamburghini, para mim o lamburghini superou em beleza e design parabens a seus idealizadores o carão é perfeito,trabalho com restauração de automoveis importados aqui no brasil amo as transformações automotivas obrigado.

  • bob Posted on June 7, 2011

    this is clearly a vinal

  • andrew Posted on October 28, 2011

    that is totally wicked i love that paint job