Golden foods and drinks

I think that gold plating our food is proof that humans will do anything to stand out and show how luxurious their lifestyles are. You wouldn’t catch me dead eating or drinking any of these things, but maybe they’ll appeal to you.

This is the most expensive ice-cream in the world, costing a whopping $1000

This elite pizza is served at a restaurant in Glasgow and it costs around 5000 dollars, just because it contains some gold foil.

This is some gold containing liquor called Gold Flakes Supreme, it costs around $60 for 0.75 litre bottle.

On its 125th year anniversary, an English sweets factory produced some very expensive fruit jam full of real gold flakes. This portion of jam was not for sale.

These are Swiss candy bonbons rapped in real gold foil, They cost $29 a piece

This very expensive hot sauce, called Golden Beaver, costs $60 a bottle

Japanese gold sake costing $30 for a 0.72 bottle

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