Longest Eye-lashes Ever

And I do mean long eye-lashes.

Fashion has been getting weirder and weirder for quite a while now, so sooner or later something like this had to happen. People are getting bored of hair-extensions and they’re getting their eye-lashes extended. It seems sight isn’t an issue when you’re trying to be a true fashionista.

I wonder what’s next, pubic hair extensions?






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  • Sky Dizzle Posted on June 16, 2009

    This is not only disgusting, but scary as hell as well!

  • Chloe Posted on October 5, 2009

    Thats fake ! you can even see on picture 4 you can see glue or something !! fakkee !! but wateva i am just happy that i have loong eyelashes !! 🙂 yay you should see how long they are when i wear mascara !

    – Chole
    age 12 ! ohh yahh !

  • Chole Posted on October 5, 2009

    Ohhhh i didnt read it ! there extenshions ? …

  • alkjflkaslkfd Posted on November 15, 2009

    That is gross…what people do for fame…just plain gross!

  • Krystal Posted on March 21, 2010

    That Is Just Very Disgusty And Nasty And EWWW!!! I Would Not Like To Have My Eyelashes To Look Like That, Mine Are Naturally Long. (-:
    But That Is Very Disturbing!

  • aylandra Posted on June 22, 2010

    WTF……..dat is Very disturbing YUCK!!!!

  • Asia Posted on June 24, 2010

    ur retarted ur 12 u shouldnt even be wearing makeup….

  • Jeanne Posted on August 23, 2010

    Actually, I think that might be from a j-horror movie called Hair Extensions. It does look like a scene from it… The hair started growing out of her eyes and mouth and under her fingernails and all sorts.

  • nin Posted on September 10, 2010

    The most disguesting and ugly nasty shit ever!!! I wouldn’t take even if offered.