Nigeria’s Fighting Rams

The city of Lagos, in Nigeria, has hosted the 13th All-Nigerian Ram Fighting Championships. This increasingly popular sport drew an impressive crowd, eager to see the animal compete.

Ram fighting is a popular sport in countries like Algeria, Indonesia and China, but in Nigeria it even has its own Ram Lovers Association, which organizes ram fighting events. believe it or not, this sport isn’t as bloody as you might think. During the history of the championships, only one ram has lost its life, and there has rarely ever been any blood shed. According to Bashir Augusto, founder of the Ram Lovers Association, rams naturally love to fight, the only difference is here they do it for the entertainment of the crowd.

The animals, of the same weight class, are placed together in a dirt ring, with a judge and several referees closely watching them. Usually they naturally run towards each other and but heads. The fight ends when one of the rams runs away from the fight. One match normally lasts for less than 10 blows, but the longest match, this year, lasted for 98.

Just like human boxers, fighting rams go through rigorous physical training (especially running), have special diets, rich in beans and bananas, and even have their very own music, as they step into the ring. This year, in the main event, Gobe, last year’s champion, retained his title and won his master a brand new refrigerator. In Africa, I bet that’s a prize worth fighting for.

Above photos via QQ

Above photos via BBC

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  • jendo Posted on October 15, 2010

    can u send a site to me,so i can watch the ram fighting

  • bari Posted on December 6, 2010

    oh….its ileagle in india for ram fights but still many ppl do its a well known sport in india also,many people here also have craze about ram fights.
    and i would like to know if u have any good fighting rams…….i owe few rams who are quite popular in my city but i want a new breed to dominate the state level…..
    if u can help me i will be thankful to you