Pools you’ll probably never swim in

I love swimming but I’ll more than likely never get the chance to do it in these places…But that doesn’t mean we can’t all dream of actually doing the backstroke in one of these luscious pools, so let’s dream away!

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Hotel Las Vegas


Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong


Burj Al Arab, Dubai


Banyan Tree Hotel, Intendance Bay, Seychelles


Golden Nugget, Las Vegas


Begawan Giri Hotel, Ubud, Bali


Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort, Grindavнk, Iceland


Le Meridien Hurghada, Makadi Bay, Egypt


Hotel Elan, Dallas


Hilton Hotel, Auckland New Zeland


Crown Towers Hotel, Macau


San Alfonso del Mar, Chile



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  • Joe Aardweg Posted on March 23, 2008

    I can’t afford to travel so much but, your beautiful
    pictures give me an idea what some of these places
    I would like to go to look like.

  • mashka Posted on March 23, 2008

    I saw the swimmingpool in Egypt…in Le Meridien Hurghada…it is really very beautifull)))

  • junior Posted on March 25, 2008

    i’ve swam in the begawan giri hotel, each customer is basically given a private villa with its own infinite swimming pool… very nice. ive also swam in the intercontinental hotel hong kong which has a beautiful view of the building skyline.

  • SkyscraperMan Posted on October 4, 2009

    The Burj Dubai is a modern marvel of engineering, it stands 818 metres tall and will have its grand opening on the 1st of December this year.

  • Avery Ecklein Posted on February 19, 2011

    I already swam in these one of its pool! I am not rich! The adult price is 4,800 kr. (€28/$38). Teen price is 1,600 kr. (€10/$14). Children price is really nothing! If you visit Iceland, Blue Lagoon (Icelandic: Bláa lónið) is must to visit! The distance to Reyjavík is 47 km (29 miles). The distance to Kelfavík is 22 km (14 miles).

  • A Mikkkkk Posted on March 12, 2011

    I swam in the Del Mar – Chile. Beautiful pool, neat experience to get to see it with my own eyes and swim in it. It’s amazing!

  • Mary Posted on March 14, 2011

    you forgot one place, the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, where there is a pool with a breathtaking view, and has mini jacuzzis (I’ve been there) with warm water and bubbles

  • Danny dix Posted on March 21, 2011

    I peed in the San Alfonso Del Mar pool in Chile.


    They made me get out of the pool.

    It took me all afternoon to swim to the side.


  • Larissa Posted on March 28, 2011

    I totally swam in the Chilean Del Mar! Such an AMAZING pool! But was terribly cold in the middle of autumn! Had the time of my life though!

  • Brittany Posted on April 4, 2011

    You need the Hearst Castle Pools on here!