The Bookcase Coffin

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With the number of home burials on the rise in the US, people have a wider range of coffins to choose from.

One of these options is the Bookcase Coffin, built by Chuck Lakin, a woodworker from Waterville, Maine. Mr Lakin makes all kinds of home burial coffins, that double as bookcases, coffee-tables or entertainment centers, until the moment they are needed.

I guess it’s a good way to save on furniture, but still, I couldn’t stand looking at my coffin every day, until I die. The Coffin Couch isn’t any better either.

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Modern Transportation in The Philippines

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Of course, when I say modern transportation, I don’t really mean modern…

Say what you will about Philippino entrepreneurs, but one thing is for sure, they are quite original. In order to make a living in The Philippines’ capital city of Manila, some rather resourceful characters built what look to be trolleys and use them to get commuters around the city.

These improvised trolleys are made of bamboo, so they can easily be removed off the track if a train approaches. Commuters pay between 6-10 pesos ($0.16-$0.21) for one trip and they get to enjoy the…not-so-fresh air of Manila.

You have to wonder how those people manage to push a full trolley across the city.

Photos by Reuters

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A Pair of Real, Home-Grown Man Boobs

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And no, I’m not talking about the chest of an obese couch potato. These are true man-boobs obtained through a complicated medical procedure…

Well maybe not that complicated, basically all this guy did was fill his chest up with some saline solution, using a couple of needles. I’m sure it wasn’t very painful but…why would any guy do that???

Anyway, if you were wishing for your very own pair of man-boobs, but wasn’t fat enough and couldn’t afford a professional boob-job, now you know you can grow them in the comfort of your own home.



This is what they call pets in Africa

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I remember a time when everyone of my friends wanted to get a pitbull as a pet, just so they can look cooler, and brag about how dog their dogs were. Now staring at these pictures I realize Africans are at whole other level, anyone of those pets, be it the hyenas, baboons or the python would make a pitbull beg for mercy.

Still it looks very cruel, taking wild animals, slapping a huge chain on them and using them as pets, it doesn’t look at all natural.



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