Pensioner Allegedly Loses 11 Kilos in Just 2.5 Hours, Sets New World Record

A 69-year-old man from the Russian Republic of Dagestan claims to have set a new world record for fastest weight loss, after allegedly losing over 11 kilograms during a 2.5-hour race.

Bahama Aigubov had already had his name inscribed in the Russian Book of Records in 2019 when he lost 9.3 kg after a five-hour race, but he recently managed to blow his own record out of the water by losing  11.1 kg in 2.5 hours during a 21 km race in Makhachkala. Aigubov cannot have his record recognized by the Guinness Book of Records, as it does not acknowledge achievements in rapid weight loss so as not to encourage people to engage in dangerous experiments, but the pensioner claims to be the fastest body weight shedder in the world, by far.

“Over these three and a half years, many have tried to beat my record, both Americans and Russians. Americans can’t do this. 25 people tried it, even elite military troops, more than half ended up in the hospital,” the Dagestani pensioner said.

A Russian, European, and even World champion in judo, sambo, Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, Bahama Aigubov has had a lot of weight-cutting experience for fights. He boasts that in his youth, he could lose up to 17 kg for fights, but it has been getting harder ever since. Still, he managed to beat every other competitor in terms of weight loss.

Aigubov recently expressed his disappointment at people dismissing his claim and telling him to his face that they don’t believe him, but he claims he can lose weight faster and more efficiently than anyone.

“They say that a heavyweight will appear and crush you… But the record is measured as a percentage of body weight. If a person weighs a lot more, of course, he will lose more.” And percentage-wise, I can beat anyone. In three and a half years, no one has broken my record. Many tried, there were so many of them in Dagestan… And the Americans tried, but where would they go.


Nutritionist Oksana Lysenko told that 11 kg in two hours is the removal of fluid from the body. Of course, he is very prepared. An ordinary person who was just sitting on the couch and decided to run such a distance without water should not do this. After just a couple of kilometers, he will faint. Professional athletes perform this type of fluid removal from the body using a special system a week or two before the competition. It is water that is removed, not fat. One gram of fat contains 9 calories. To lose one kilogram of fat, you need to burn 9,000 calories.

At this distance, on average, you can spend 4000-5000 calories, which is 4-5 kilograms. Along with the fluid, important electrolytes leave the body – sodium, potassium, magnesium. Our nervous system, cardiac system, and energy suffer when the body does not receive these elements from food and water. From my own experience, I practice fasting, and in 7 days 3-4 liters are lost purely on water. If you don’t drink water for 7 days, then I think it will take 10 liters. But that’s in a week.

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