Mountains in the Philippines

Who says agriculture doesn’t belong in mountain regions!

I have to hand it to these workers, they’ve certainly made lemonade with the lemons nature gave them. It’s definitely not easy to practice agriculture in this kind of environment, but they pulled it off in the Philippines and they did it by using their hands and tools, no kind of fancy machinery.

And I have to say that besides the purpose they serve, these mountains really look amazing!








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  • junior Posted on March 31, 2008

    this form of agricultural planting does not occur only in the Philliphines, most other South East Asian countries such as Indoneisa also employ this method.

  • Rob Ceralvo Posted on March 31, 2008

    Awesome! Got to include this 2000-year old Rice Terraces in the Philippines in your List of 100 Places to Visit Before You die.

  • caffeine withdrawal Posted on March 31, 2008

    That is amazing (and pretty). I can only imagine how much work went into building those over the years…

  • junior Posted on March 31, 2008

    As mentioned earlier… you can find this kind of rice terrace in MANY south east asian countries… its not really something i would consider an “oddity”…

  • jack Posted on March 31, 2008

    they also do this in italy, and many other parts of the world.

  • funkyfresh Posted on April 1, 2008

    i would still call this an oddity. so few people are even aware of such a thing. they also exist in parts of south america…i worked on fields just like this in ecuador

  • junior Posted on April 2, 2008

    touche funkyfresh.. i take it back.. i guess it’s just that i was raised in a country where this kind of farming is a regular occurence… sorry about that

  • metin Posted on April 2, 2008


  • suidae Posted on May 16, 2008

    For some reason this makes me want to go play Civilization.

  • Jenny Posted on July 14, 2008

    Isn’t this included in the wonders of the world?

  • maritess Posted on September 10, 2010

    awesome!!! i really like the view….(its amazing).

  • coleen Posted on January 22, 2011

    land of the philippines is truely amazing