About Oddity Central

Oddity Central is all about the oddities of our world. If you’re looking for bizarre events, unique travel destinations, weird inventions, freaky characters or odd art, you’ll most likely find here. Simply put, Oddity Central is a collection of oddities gathered from all around the world.

With all the weird stuff happening on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep up, so if you find something you think deserves a place among the oddities on this site, get in touch and share it with the rest of us bizarre lovers.

About Spooky

Real name is Florin, but since I’ve used this nickname since the first time I’ve ever created an online profile and it fit the topic of my blog, I thought I’d use it instead.


What can I say about myself? I’m just your average 25-year-old, living in Eastern Europe (Romania). I’ve been blogging since 2007, about various topics, like video games, cars, travel destinations, but it wasn’t until early 2008, when I started Oddity Central, that I truly found something I actually liked writing about. Since then, I’ve become an oddities-freak, always searching for something cool to share with you guys.

I know my grammar and spelling aren’t always perfect, but most times I post on the run, without proof reading my articles. I’m really sorry about that, it’s not that I’m retarded (yeah, I’ve been called that), but this is just a hobby and I have to focus the largest part of my time on important stuff like my job, my friends and…what’s the other one again? Oh yeah, my family 🙂