‘Power Washer Van Gogh’ Uses Concrete Driveways as His Canvases

Sam Ward, a self-taught artist who specializes in creating ephemeral artworks on concrete using a power washer, has been nicknamed ‘Power Washer Van Gogh’.

Sam Ward’s artistic career was inspired by boredom. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, the Texas artist bought a box of chalk to keep his two sons busy, but before they could use it to decorate the family driveway in New Braunfels, he had to clean the concrete. It turned out to be a very boring, redundant task, so at one point, Ward started using his power washer to draw some shapes on the concrete. At first, it was just circles and squares, but he quickly realized the artistic potential of the pressure washer, so the next day, when he picked up the tool and his wife asked him if he wanted to finish washing the driveway, he said: “No, I’m gonna draw something.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

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The Beautiful Pie Art of Devoney Scarfe

Devoney Scarfe is a talented food artist from Auckland, Australia, whose portfolio of edible masterpieces includes celebrity and animal portraits, whimsical scenes, and hilarious quotes.

A part-time creative director at her husband’s advertising agency, Devoney Scarfe started tinkering with food art as a hobby, while also doing her best as a full-time mom. Her early work wasn’t the most impressive, but as she kept practicing, experimenting, and coming up with new techniques and designs, her artistic pies drastically improved. One of her breakthrough moments as a food artist was a tribute to Britain’s Queen Elisabeth, in 2022, which took several days to complete. It turned out so well that photos of the too-cool-to-eat pie went viral online, earning Devoney thousands of social media followers.

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Museum Employee Secretely Hangs His Own Artworks Next to Priceless Classics

An employee of the Pinakothek der Moderne art museum in Munich, Germany, reportedly hung up his own paintings next to works by Pablo Picasso or Franz Marc without asking anyone for permission.

The 51-year-old unnamed man was reportedly working in the museum technical department, which gave him access to the premises outside of visiting hours. He was thus able to casually drill holes into an empty wall and hang up his own paintings next to those of acclaimed painters from all over the world. It is unclear how long the paintings were up for between someone noticed that they weren’t supposed to be there, but according to a museum spokesperson, they couldn’t have been up for too long because “supervisors usually notice something like that immediately”. As for the man’s motivation, one can only assume that he believed showing his work in the museum would lead to future opportunities.

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Art Teacher Stands Accused of Selling Students’ Painting On Personal Website

A Quebec art teacher is being accused of selling his high school students’ artworks on his website without their consent for personal profit.

An art teacher at the Westwood Junior High School in Saint Lazare has landed in hot water with the parents of several of his students for allegedly selling their drawings and paintings online without their knowledge and permission. The discovery was made by accident when one of the students searched his name on Google only to discover one of his art class drawings listed for sale on his teacher’s website. Word spread around the school, and before long, other students reported their own artworks had been listed online by the teacher. Some of the kids told their parents about the bizarre practice, and they appealed to the high school board for clarification. Now, some parents are asking for moral and punitive damages from both the art teacher and the high school.

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Incredibly Realistic Wool Felt Dog Took Over 500 Hours to Complete

A Japanese artisan spent over 500 hours making a hyper-realistic wool felt model of a Miniature Pinscher.

Terumi Ota’s latest creation, a wool felt Miniature Pinscher, received over 32,000 likes on X (Twitter), and for good reason. At first glance, it looks like a real dog, which isn’t really the case with wool-felt sculptures, especially ones of short-hair breeds like the Pinscher. Apparently, due to the complexity of the project< Ota had to work on it intermittently over the last seven years, while she completed other commissioned works. She estimates that she put in over 500 hours of work, which sounds insane but is justified by the painstaking process of getting the dog’s short hair just right.

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Belarussian Man Builds and Sails in Boat Made Exclusively of Ice

A Belarussian self-taught artist single-handedly built a functional ice boat that can hold at least one person and can be sailed.

Minsk-based Ivan Karpitsky’s passion for ice and snow sculpting is well-known in his home country. His name first appeared in Belarussian newspapers in 2020, when photos of his ice violin first went viral on social media. He has since kept busy every winter, coming up with ever more impressive projects, but this year he really outdid himself with a beautiful and functional boat made entirely of ice. Photos and videos posted on his Instagram page show the Belarusian man painstakingly carving blocks of ice and chiseling at them to create his impressive masterpiece.

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Tattoo Artist’s Unique Style Will Make You Experience Blurry Vision

Portland-based tattoo artist Winston the Whale creates simple yet impressive 3D tattoos that make viewers feel like they are experiencing blurry vision.

Winston the Whale started making his signature 3D tattoos after a friend asked him if he could make a three-dimensional design for him. It ended up better than he’d hoped, so he kept making them. To be clear, the artist’s artworks aren’t really 3D, they just have that nostalgic red-and-blue color scheme and overlapping pattern that tricks the viewers’ eyes into thinking they are seeing double. Even though trippy, colorful tattoos are now his bread and butter, 3D tattoos still have a special place in Winston’s heart.

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Graffiti Artist Creates Intriguing Optical Illusions

Cosimo Caiffa is a talented Italian graffiti artist who uses spray cans to create some of the most fascinating street art illusions you’ve ever seen!

44-year-old Caiffa, who also goes by ‘Cheone’, paints most of his impressive artworks in his hometown of Nerviano, near Milan. Most of his street art projects not only integrate perfectly with their surroundings, but they also have this uncanny depth to them that often fools passers-by. Having grown up around art and artists in Gallipoli, Leece, Cosimo started painting on canvas at a very young age, but as soon as he discovered graffiti, he knew that was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He taught himself the 3D street art technique, and he has been using it for years to great effect to turn bland, boring urban spaces into outdoor works of art.

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The Fascinating Glitter Tattoos of Amanda Graves

American tattoo artist Amanda Graves has become famous for her glittering tattoos, which somehow appear to be shimmering on the skin.

Maryland-based Amanda Graves never claimed to be the inventor of the glitter tattoo technique, but when it comes down to it, she is universally considered the best glitter tattoo artist in the world. Her tattoos are so good that people often ask if she actually uses glitter ink to do them (spoiler – she doesn’t), or if her artworks interfere with X-rays. In reality, the glitter is an optical illusion expertly created by Graves using the painstaking pointillism technique. She creates each speck of glitter by overlapping colors with small gauge needles, but the end result is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

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Young Artist Brings Dying Art of Book Fore-Edge Painting into the Limelight

Maisie Matilda, a 24-year-old artist from the UK, is being credited for shining a bright spotlight on the fascinating but dying art of book fore-edge painting.

Matilda had been painting for a long time, but she only started experimenting with fore-edge painting during the first COVID-19 lockdown, when she found herself with lots of time on her hands. The self-taught artist went viral at the end of 2021, after posting videos of her work on the fore-edge of a J.R.R. Tolkien book on social media. Her TikTok videos got millions of views, and the young artist found herself giving interviews to some of the world’s largest news outlets. She has been riding this wave ever since, and she currently has over half a million loyal fans on Instagram alone.

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Talented Tattoo Artist Creates the Most Impressive Photorealistic Tattoos

Yeono is a super-talented artist who specializes in micro-realism, creating small but impressively realistic pieces that look ready to jump off of the skin.

28-year-old Yeono is recognized as one of the most talented tattoo artists in Los Angeles. Born and raised in South Korea, Yeono discovered her passion for tattoos only a decade or so ago when her mother decided to get a tattoo and asked her help with finding a good tattoo artist. She soon discovered the world of Japanese tattoos and was blown away by the intricate artworks masters of the craft could produce. She started looking into the possibility of working in the field after graduating high school and began tattooing professionally in 2014. She has since become a master in her own right, producing some truly awe-inspiring masterpieces.

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South-Korean Artist Creates the Most Detailed Celebrity Figurines

Park Yong Jae is an incredibly talented artist from South-Korean who specializes in molding and sculpting hyperrealistic figurines of iconic Hollywood actors and K-pop stars.

Not much is known about Park Yong Jae’s work, but he does have hundreds of thousands of followers across several social networks, and for good reason, his hyperrealistic figurines are simply out of this world! The young artist starts by sculpting the heads of his creations, using special tools to recreate every detail, down to individual hair strands. He then attaches them to bodies with movable joints and even uses miniature clothing to really nail their iconic look. The end result is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

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Meet the Artist Who Paints with Ten Brushes at the Same Time

Serge Feeleenger is a self-taught Belarussian artist who gained notoriety in the art world for allegedly inventing the ‘ten brushes’ painting technique, where he attaches a brush to each of his fingers and uses them simultaneously.

Guiding a single paintbrush on a canvas to produce a somewhat decent work of art is virtually impossible for most people, but can you imagine painting with ten brushes at the same time? Sounds pretty messy, but there is one man who has been perfecting this unique technique for over a decade. Serge Feeleenger apparently got the idea for painting with multiple paintbrushes at the same time after becoming annoyed with having to regularly change brushes during the artistic process. First, he found a way to attach three brushes to the fingers on his right hand, and after getting used to them, he added two more brushes to his left hand. Before long, he had a brush attached to every finger on both his hands.

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Pencil Master Creates Mindblowingly Realistic Sneaker Drawings

Steph Morris is an insanely talented UK artist who specializes in hyper-realistic drawings of sneakers. Her work is so detailed that even closeups of the drawings are hard to distinguish from the real thing.

When it comes to sneaker drawings, Manchester-born Steph Morris is renowned for her unrivaled realism. She has always had a thing for sneakers, so pairing up this passion with her artistic talent just made sense. She didn’t originally plan to make a living out of drawing sneakers; At first, she was more interested in wearing them, as she pursued a career in sports, but a number of injuries forced her to reevaluate her options and come up with a plan B. She took up the pencil, started drawing the things she loved most, and never looked back.

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Painting Rivers with a Fly Rod, a Unique Art Form

Ben Miller is the world’s only fly cast painter. Instead of a regular paintbrush, he dips his special flies in paint, attaches them to a fly rod and flings them against a canvas from dozens of feet away.

Fly fishing and painting don’t really seem like a match made in heaven, but then again, you probably haven’t seen Washington-based artist Ben Miller at work either. He is regarded as the world’s first and only fly cast painter, meaning he uses a fly rod and the art of fly casting to create thought-provoking artworks designed to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the world’s rivers. Growing up in central Washington state, Ben was introduced to the beautiful rivers of the region early on in his life, learning to fish from his father. As a young adult, he got the idea to combine his love for fly fishing with his passion for art in a unique art form that has come to be known as fly cast painting.

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