24-Year-Old Mukbang Streamer Dies Live on Stream Due to Overeating

Pan Xiaoting, a 24-year-old Chinese streamer specializing in mukbang (eating large quantities of food for viewers’ enjoyment) recently died during her livestream due to consuming too much food.

China cracked down on mukbang streams and videos in 2020, in a bid to reduce overeating and ‘shameful’ food waste, with offenders risking fines of up to 10,000 yuan ($1,400). However, mukbang streams are still incredibly popular in the Asian country, with thousands of people putting their lives at risk by stuffing their faces with insane amounts of food for views. One such streamer was Pan Xiaoting, a former waitress turned professional mukbanger, who lost her life earlier this month during one of her streams after her body just gave out due to overeating. The autopsy showed that her stomach was filled with undigested food and her abdomen was severely deformed.

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Bill Gates-Backed Startup Makes Butter Out of Thin Air and Water

Savor, a California-based startup backed by legendary businessman Bill Gates, has come up with a method of producing butter-like fat out of just carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Starting from the idea that all fats are composed of chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms, Savor patented a thermochemical process to build fat molecules and then produce dairy-free alternatives to products like milk, butter, cheese, and ice cream that not only have the same texture as the real thing but also taste the same. This process doesn’t release any greenhouse gases, and it uses no farmland and less than a thousandth of the water that traditional agriculture does, so this synthesized fat has a much lower carbon footprint than real animal fat. So far, taste tests have shown that Savor’s alternative to butter has an almost indistinguishable flavor from the real thing, but the company still has a lot of challenges to overcome before bringing it to market.

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The Ultra-Realistic Graffiti Portraits of Jorit Agoch

Jorit Agoch is a famous Italian graffiti artist known for his clean style and large-scale, ultra-realistic portrait murals painted on the side of buildings all over the world.

Over the last 16 years, we’ve featured many impressive graffiti artworks, like the mind-boggling optical illusions of Portuguese street artist Odeith, the ingenious portraits of Fabio Gomes Trindade, and the three-dimensional masterpieces of Carlos Alberto GH, just to name a few. However, in terms of realism, few can compare it to the work of Italian street artist Jorit Agoch. Hailing from Quarto, a commune in the Naples metropolitan area, Jorit quickly made a name for himself in the urban art world thanks to his impressively clean style and a degree of realism that is very hard to achieve using spray paint. Today, his awe-inspiring portrait murals can be admired in dozens of cities around the world, from Italy to Russia, the USA, and South America.

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“China’s Most Stubborn Man” Has Been Trying to Get into Prestigious University for 16 Years

A 36-year-old man has become known as “China’s most stubborn man” after taking the national college admission exam 16 consecutive years in an attempt to get accepted to the prestigious Tsinghua University.

Tang Shangjun took the gaokao, China’s notoriously difficult college admission exam, in 2009. He scored a mediocre 372 points out of 750, much too low to get into his dream school, Tsinghua University. He was unwilling to compromise, so he spent the next few years studying harder and taking the gaokao. By 2016, his score had improved to a respectable 625 points, more than enough to secure admission to several universities in his home province of Guanxi, but still not good enough for his chosen majors at Tsinghua. So he kept at it, year after year, ignoring all other universities, but never quite reaching the level required to get into his desired faculties at Tsinghua University.

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Over a Dozen Students Hospitalized After Eating Ghost Pepper-Infused Chips

Fourteen high school students in Tokyo, Japan were recently hospitalized with stomach aches, nausea, and mouth pain after sharing a bag of potato chips infused with Bhut Jolokia peppers.

On July 16, around 12:40 pm, an emergency call was made after several first-year students at Rokugo Koka High School in Tokyo’s Ota Ward started complaining of nausea, as well as stomach and mouth pain. The thirteen girls and one boy had apparently been among 33 students at the high school who had shared a bag of super-spicy potato chips infused with “Bhut Jolokia,” which was once listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “world’s hottest pepper.” The students ended up at the emergency room, treated for their mild symptoms, and released later that day. Jiji Press reported that some of the students collapsed in the school infirmary because of the pain. The incident is being promoted as a cautionary tale for young students considering trying such spicy snacks.

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Husband Uses Drone to Catch Wife Cheating on Him with Her Boss

A Chinese man reportedly caught his wife cheating with her boss during work hours by using a remote-controlled drone to spy on them from afar.

The resourceful man known only as Jing began suspecting that his wife was having an affair after she became increasingly distant and changed her routine significantly, including visiting her parents more frequently than ever and coming up with excuses whenever he offered to accompany her, and spending more time at work. Eager to get to the bottom of things, but afraid of having to explain himself to his wife in case his suspicions ended up being unfounded, Jing decided to use a commercially available drone to spy on his spouse from a distance. He would drive to her workplace and then fly the drone to survey the area without risking to be spotted by his wife or her colleagues.

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Canine Praised as ‘Miracle Dog’ Literally Crawled Out of Its Own Grave

Hosun, a South Korean dog who suffered severe injuries and was thought to be dead after being hit by a truck, gained legendary status after crawling out of its grave and walking home.

Hosun the “miracle dog” first made news headlines in South Korea six years ago, after going through a terrible car accident and coming back from the dead. She was only a four-month-old puppy when she was hit by a truck close to his owners’ home in the city of Yeongcheon, and her injuries were so severe that a neighbor who found her on the side of the road thought her dead. The man buried Hosun in a shallow grave in a nearby field and delivered the bad news to her owners when they came home. However, four days later, Hosun’s owners heard an animal’s wailing coming from a roadside ditch near their home and were shocked to find their beloved pet, terribly injured, but alive.

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Chinese Companies Sued for Requiring Female Job Applicants to Undergo Pregnancy Tests

Chinese prosecutors recently filed lawsuits against at least 16 companies accused of requiring female jobseekers to undergo pregnancy testing.

Chinese law explicitly prohibits employers from carrying out pregnancy tests as part of pre-employment examinations, but some companies are so worried about the costs of maternity leave and benefits that they prefer to make sure the women they hire are not pregnant. Earlier this month, prosecutors in the Tongzhou district of Nantong, China’s Jiangsu Province, announced that it had sued 16 companies for illegally testing female job applicants for pregnancy without even formally informing them about it. Their investigation revealed that companies violated women’s right to equal employment opportunities, as at least one candidate was rejected after it was revealed that she was pregnant.

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Bicycle-Pedalling Poodle Becomes Overnight Internet Sensation

A bike-riding poodle has been getting a lot of attention on social media for his ability to get on a bicycle and ride it, using his front legs to steer and his hind legs to pedal.

Xu Laifu is not your average dog. The adorable poodle who hails from somewhere in China’s Jiangsu Province can ride a bicycle about as well as a three or four-year-old child. The canine became somewhat of an overnight sensation after videos of him riding a bicycle around a basketball court went viral, first in China and then in other Asian countries. He was recently featured by Japan’s Fuji News Network where photos and videos of his bicycle riding left people speechless. According to the Japanese outlet, Laifu’s owner spent about a year training the poodle to ride a bicycle, and he apparently loved every minute of it.

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China’s Controversial ‘Love Master’ Teaches Women to Marry Rich Men

A Chinese influencer specializing in dishing out dating and relationship advice for women has come under fire for encouraging her followers to choose wealthy partners for financial gain.

Qu Qu, real name ‘Le Chuanqu’, is one of the most controversial social media influencers in China. A former singer, she quickly transitioned to the status of online love guru, offering her followers dating and relationship advice with the main goal of elevating themselves financially. What differentiated Qu Qu from the many other dating gurus on the internet is her open view of relationships as ‘benefit exchanges’ to be exploited for one’s financial gains. Often referring to herself as the “McKinsey of relationships,” Qu Qu tells her fans that romantic relationships and marriages are steps to climbing on the social and financial ladder, so they have to be managed very carefully to achieve the desired results.

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Silicone Face Masks Spark Legal Concerns in China Due to Increase Use in Criminal Activities

A series of thefts involving the use of ultra-realistic silicone face masks in China has ignited a debate about the legality of these widely available products.

In March of this year, four homes in Shanghai were broken into, and over 100,000 yuan ($13,760) in valuables were stolen. When the police identified the main suspect, they discovered that the 40-year-old man had a silicone mask that he had used to disguise himself as an elderly man when committing the crimes. Last month, police investigating a series of burglaries in Jiangsu Province identified a man who disguised himself as an electrical worker using a realistic mask in order to minimize the risk of being identified. These are only two examples of a growing trend in China that experts warn could lead to a crime spree unless the sale of realistic silicone masks is regulated.

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Woman Arrested for Calling Police to Get Out of Date with Man She Had Met Online

An Iowa woman was recently arrested for falsely reporting the man she was supposed to go on a date with to the police just because she “got cold feet” and didn’t know how to tell him.

18-year-old Sumaya Thomas was supposed to go on a romantic date with a man she had met through an online dating app, but when her date showed up on her doorstep on June 16, the young woman reportedly “got cold feet” and decided she didn’t want anything to do with her online match. Instead of simply ignoring him, making up some sort of excuse to cancel their date, or flat out telling the guy that she didn’t want to go out with him anymore, Thomas picked up the phone and called 911, making up a ridiculous story about the man at her door being her abusive ex with whom she was 7 months pregnant and asking police to have him removed from her property.

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Beautiful 2.26-Meter-Tall Woman Has Trouble Finding a Boyfriend

Xiao Mai, a beautiful 25-year-old woman from China’s Heilongjiang province, has been having trouble finding a suitable boyfriend because of her height. She is 2.26 meters tall.

A few months ago, Xiao Mai introduced herself to the world in a short clip that quickly went viral on social media mainly because of the young woman’s impressive height. At 2.26 meters (7 ft 5 in), the 25-year-old dwarfs even the tallest of men, and that apparently makes her very intimidating to the opposite sex. Posting the first video of herself was Mai’s mother’s idea. She had watched a clip of a girl from Shanghai proposing to her boyfriend online and was inspired to use the same technique to find her daughter a boyfriend. Apart from showing off Xiao Mai’s impressive physical features, it also showed moments from her daily life as well as an appeal from her mother to everyone watching to suggest suitable boyfriends for her. The video went viral and before long, strangers started showing up at the family’s door in Heilongjiang asking to meet the girl.

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Adult Woman Who Weighs Only 25 Kilograms Is Still Trying to Lose Weight

A young Chinese woman who weighs only 25 kilograms (55 lbs) has been getting a lot of attention after showcasing her shockingly thin body online and claiming she wants to be even skinnier.

The young woman who goes by ‘Baby Tingzi’ (婷子宝宝) is 160 cm tall but weighs only about 25 kg and apparently aims to lose even more weight. She has more than 42,000 fans on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, most of whom constantly express concern about her health. Baby Tingzi always brushes off such concerns, claiming that she prefers to be super skinny and adding that her skeleton-like silhouette has no negative impact on her life. The up-and-coming social media influencer, who reportedly hails from Guangzhou, China’s Guangdong Province, constantly posts clips of herself in skimpy outfits to show off her slender physique and apparently doesn’t care about criticism.

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Man Falls Asleep on Rubber Ring, Drifts into the Open Sea for 19 Hours

A 58-year-old man can consider himself lucky to be alive after being found by a fishing boat floating on a rainbow-colored swimming ring a few miles from the coast of Taiwan.

On July 7, the Wanli Princess 168, a fishing boat heading toward the port of New Taipei, spotted something strange in the water, a few miles from the shoreline. As the boat approached the strange object, it became apparent that it was a topless man in a colorful swim ring, the kind kids use at the beach. In a clip that has since gone viral online, the crew can be seen throwing the stranded man a life buoy and then pulling him into the boat before taking him back to port and calling emergency services. Although visibly weak and dehydrated, the 58-year-old man appeared in good health, which was a bit surprising considering that he had been drifting in his colorful swim ring for 19 hours before being miraculously spotted by the fishing boat.

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