Amateur Makeup Artist Goes Viral for Turning Her Grandpa into Young Heartthrobs

Chinese makeup artist @sakuralusi has been getting a lot of attention for her transformation videos where she turns her elderly grandpa into youthful, anime-inspired characters.

Looking at the photos below, you’re probably having a hard time believing that the guy on the left and the one on the right are the exact same person, especially knowing that they are 66 years old. But that is the power of makeup in the hands of a gifted master like @sakuralusi, a young Chinese makeup artist who has been showcasing her skills on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok. She has been posting makeup-related videos on the popular social network for a while now, but she really started getting attention when she began using her grandfather as a model, turning the 66-year-old man into anime-inspired idols that look at least 3 decades younger than his actual age.

The changes to the old man’s face are so considerable, that those who have seen these side-by-side photos refuse to believe that they are the same person. Luckily, @sakuralusi also uploads some of her videos on TikTok, so we can use them as proof that it is really her grandfather under all those layers of makeup.

@sakuralusi’s videos have received tens of millions of views on Douyin alone, but the talented makeup artist can expect her online following to grow even more in the near future, as her photos and videos have transcended China’s borders, going viral in Vietnam and now in the western world as well.


Young @sakuralusi isn’t the only makeup wizard in China. Tuzi (Rabbit), another up-and-coming makeup artist, has been getting a lot of attention for turning old people into unrecognizable younger versions of themselves.

For more impressive makeup magic, check out the work of Aurelio SanchezAlexis Stone, and talented Chinese beauty blogger He Yuhong.


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