Skilled Chinese Makeup Artist Renders People Unrecognizable

A Chinese makeup artist known as Tuzi (Rabbit) has been getting a lot of attention on social media for her ability to completely transform her clients to the point where they are impossible to recognize.

Tuzi runs the Starlight Rabbit Portrait Studio in Yunan Province, but she gets most of her clientele from social media, particularly Douyin (China’s version of TikTok) where she regularly posts clips of impressive makeup transformations, where she either makes her subjects look decades younger than they actually are, turns them into heroes of Wuxia tales, or simply makes them unrecognizable. Over the years, she has had collaborations with fellow influencers and celebrities, including celebrities, actors, and singers.

One of the reasons Tuzi’s makeup style is so popular – she has over 5.5 million followers on Douyin alone – is because it embodies classic elements of Chinese esthetics, including a flawless complexion, shimmering eyelids, and vibrant pink or mauve blush. This is where some of the criticism against her stems from, as many people believe all of her subjects end up with very similar looks.

One of Tuzi’s most popular videos – one which is unfortunately not on any Western video platforms – has her turning a 72-year-old influencer named Grandma Tran into a young princess. If she really didn’t use any filters or digital enhancement, the end result is indeed very impressive.

Tuzi’s popularity has reached incredible levels in China, and she now has a staff of trained makeup artists holding down the fort at Starlight Rabbit Portrait Studio, while she takes care of the marketing, through her Douyin videos. According to the South China Morning Post, people travel from across the country just to have their makeup done at the studio.

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