Mexican Beauty Salon Goes Viral for Its “Horrible” Makeup

A Mexican beauty salon has been getting a lot of attention on TikTok because of its promotional videos, many of which seem to show some “horrible” makeup examples.

TikTok is a great marketing tool, even when the product or service you’re promoting isn’t exactly the best money can buy. Case in point, a Mexican beauty salon that has been gaining followers on the popular video-sharing platform primarily because of its unflattering makeup clips. Ohio Esthetic’s most popular TikTok videos are precisely the ones showcasing the salon’s most bizarre makeup. With names like “Makeup to Go Sign the Divorce” or “When You Thought You Would Be Single on Valentine’s Day,” these viral clips show young women completely transformed with thick layers of makeup, but definitely not in a good way.

“May God guard your talent and forget where He put it,” one comment on an Ohio Esthetic TikTok video reads, while another person writes “Every Time I have the opportunity to do my makeup with you, I miss it.”

Getting mocked by your audience wouldn’t normally be considered a positive sign, but Ohio Esthetic seems to have realized that their overdone makeup examples bring in the most views, so they’ve embraced their humorous side. They continue to upload over-the-top makeup videos, and they even offer commenters with a high number of likes free makeup sessions.

Ohio Esthetic currently has over 400,000 followers on TikTok, and all its videos on the platform have at least 2 million views, with the most popular one sporting over 50 million views. It goes to show that bad publicity is still better than no publicity, I guess.

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