Male Makeup Master Can Transform Into a Totally Different Person

Hatenyan, a Japanese makeup expert and online influencer, has the power to completely transform his appearance to the point where he becomes completely unrecognizable.

22-year-old Hatenyan is very popular in his home country of Japan, with almost 700,000 followers on Twitter, and millions of fans on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, but his popularity recently transcended national borders after one of his tweets went viral. In it, the self-taught makeup wizard posted to photos of himself with and without makeup, and to say they are night and day would be a serious understatement. Apart from a piercing under his lower lip, there is literally no way to tell that it is the same person in both photos.

Photo: Hatenyan/Twitter

“The image on the left is my Tinder profile picture, but after meeting a girl on Tinder and having a drink, we went home together, and when I got out of the shower I said, “I’m horny.” I’m sorry, but why are you so angry?” Hatenyan hilariously captioned his viral tweet.

The young makeup artist has long been wowing his online audience with his transformations, but his problem is that he is so good that people don’t believe he is the same person when he posts before and after pictures. That’s why he encourages people to check out his clips on YouTube and TikTok to see the magic happen.

Hatenyan’s ability to transform himself into completely different male or female characters using only makeup and wigs is truly astonishing, but it also speaks volumes of the power of makeup in the right hands. Ever wonder what some of these popular Instagram models really look like? Well, some probably look like makeup-free Hatenyan.

What really sets Hatenyan apart from other human chameleons we’ve featured on Oddity Central in the past is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. In fact, most of his content is based on the contrast between his real appearance and that of the character he creates with makeup.

The young Japanese entertainer also admits that he does retouch his photos, but claims that he does most of the work with actual makeup.

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