Talented Makeup Artist Turns Into Popular Anime Characters Using Body Paint

Randresson Vieira, a talented makeup artist from Brazil, can turn into virtually any cartoon and anime character using his insane bodypainting skills.

30-year-old Randresson Vieira, an architect and urban planner by training, puts his passion for fine arts to good use by turning himself into real-world versions of popular characters from beloved anime series like One Piece, Dragon Ball and Naruto. The young self-taught artist uses his insane bodypainting abilities to expertly apply layers of paint on his face and torso and completes the impressive transformations with hand-drawn paper cutouts of the characters’ hair.

“What I like most about the art of makeup is the characterization, being able to transform myself into another person,” Vieira told his millions of fans in one of his TikTok videos.

Randresson shares videos of his epic transformations on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube, but it’s on TikTok that he gets the most attention. Oftentimes, he lets his 1.5 million followers on the popular video-sharing network decide what his next transformation will be, and he always delivers mind-blowing results.


So far, Randresson Vieira’ portfolio includes transformation into popular anime characters like One Piece’s Luffy, Goku Black or Naruto, but also Western favorites like Spiderman or Pennywise, the creepy clown from IT.

@randressonvieira MONKEY D. LUFFY | Me ajude a viralizar esse vídeo 🥺🙏🏽 #maquiagemartistica ♬ som original – Randresson

Watching some of Randresson’s many mesmerizing videos, you may find the flow if his creative process a bit confusing. That’s because they always show his work in reverse, from the moment he finishes wiping the paint from his body, to the moment his transformation is complete.

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