Makeup Artist Uses Her Amazing Skills to Transform into Various Celebrities

A talented makeup artist has been getting a lot of attention online thanks to her short TikTok clips where she apparently uses her skills to turn into stars like Taylor Swift or Billie Eilish.

We’ve seen makeup artists use tricks of the trade to transform into doppelgangers of celebrities and iconic characters before, but not in the way the artist posting under the @gilianisme TikTok handle does it. The end result, in most of the clips I’ve seen, is suspiciously realistic, which make me wonder if she is using some sort of digital manipulation to achieve this impressive result. No way to no for sure, really, but if she can pull this sort of transformations only with makeup, she is more of a sorceress than a makeup artist.

Looking through the impressive collection of videos posted on TikTok, the Asian makeup artist seems capable to transform into a variety of characters, from a perfect Edward Scissorhands to Cate Blanchet, Monica Bellucci, or even Michael Jackson.

Sadly, the identity of the makeup artist remains a mystery, as the @gilianisme TikTok channel features makeup projects by several makeup artists.

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