Japanese Student Creates Leg Hair Font

A student from Japan’s Tama Art University came with the idea for a leg hair font, after his teachers asked him and his colleagues to create new typefaces without the help of computers.

Creating original letters without the use of digital design seems almost impossible in this day and age, and 20-year-old Mayuko Kanazawa started scratching her head for ideas the minute she heard about the challenge. She remembered seeing all kinds of letters, words and designs shaved into people’s heads, so she knew she wanted to work with hair, but she came up with the ultimate crazy idea only after a friend complained about a pain in her leg. Somehow she found the inspiration she needed in her friend’s leg hair, and the rest is history…

It’s not clear how Mayuko managed to manipulate an unnamed subject’s leg hair strains into detailed upper and lower case lettering, but she definitely did an outstanding job. It may grose some people out and will probably never be as popular as Times New Roman or the hated Comic Sans, but I’m betting it won her an “A” for originality. Plus it was used for an Adidas advert, which I doubt attracted too many sensitive female clients.



AsiaJin via InventorSpot


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