Chinese Women Train Hard to Become Professional Bodyguards

While many men may find it odd to have a woman protect them, the Chinese have no such qualms. How else could you explain the huge demand for female bodyguards? In fact, they are paid much higher than their male counterparts.

Tianjiao Special Guard Consultant Ltd is perhaps the first firm to provide open group training in China for female bodyguards. Each trainee is put through 10 months of rigorous instruction during which time they gain skills in martial arts, anti-terrorism training, reconnaissance and business etiquette. The best student could be invited to study further at the International Security Academy in Israel.A four-week training program at the beach forms a part of the 10-month curriculum.

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Photographs of this program reveal around 20 bikini-clad Chinese women being dunked in the waters, nearly drowned, kicked and made to carry heavy logs by burly instructors, as a part of the training. Most of these women are college graduates and look forward to a high-paying career after graduating from the bodyguard course. Especially if they are recruited by wealthy businessman.

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There are several reasons for the sudden rise in demand for women as bodyguards. For one, they blend in easily. An undercover female could easily pose as a nanny or a secretary, and go undetected. Wealthy Chinese women also prefer to employ females as it keeps unwanted questions of potential relationships at bay. Female bodyguards are paid as high as $100 a day, which is much higher than what men earn.

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It does sound great that women in China are being accepted in a role that has been traditionally perceived as masculine.

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