Crazy Drinking Habits: Teens Drink Bleach to Pass Drug Tests

Where there is a will there is a way, they say, and this definitely seems to hold good for teens these days. Especially the ones on drugs. While it is no secret that a vast number of teenagers choose to use illegal substances these days, it is shocking to see the lengths to which they would go, in order to pass a drug test.

Drug testing is common in almost all schools across America. Testing positive could be devastating for kids, because it could mean getting kicked off a sports team or other important events. Students have always devised new methods to pass the test, and the latest according to the Sheriff’s Office of Mobile County, Alabama, is bleach. Yes, teens are actually ingesting bleach in the hope that it will purge any traces of drugs that they have consumed. While there are several products advertised on the internet that claim to help wash away drugs from the system in the form of drinks, chewable tablets, etc., teenagers seem to be throwing caution and common sense to the wind, looking no further than the kitchen sink. According to Sergeant Joe Mahoney, the Sheriff’s office has seen cases where kids have ingested straight bleach that caused significant damage to the body.

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Considering the fact that household bleach is strong enough to strip odors, stains and chemicals off fabrics and other surfaces, it’s scary to even think of what it could do inside a human body. Mahoney warns kids that damage to the body organs is all that can be accomplished from the consumption of bleach. Drug testing techniques have gotten quite sophisticated, and there are ways to detect the presence of drugs in the system despite these precautionary measures.


It is shocking to see the extent to which teenagers will go, without regard for their own bodies. As far as drinking bleach is concerned, I wonder how they were able to tolerate the smell long enough to gulp it down!

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