Guy Allegedly Scratches Nine New iPhone 6s’ to Get Back at Ex Who Left Him for an iPhone 6

Desperate for revenge, a spurned Chinese man wrote his girlfriend the most expensive hate mail ever. He claims to have scratched his message on to the screens of nine brand new iPhone 6s smartphones, just to show her how wealthy he’s become since she dumped him for an iPhone 6.

The messages, when put together, read: “Last September, you dumped me for my friend because of an iPhone 6. Thanks to you looking down on me, I could work harder (and become successful). On the first anniversary after we broke up, I present to you nine iPhone 6s to mourn our doomed relationship.”


The man recently shared photographs of the damaged phones on his Weibo account, and they have been reposted over 15,000 times since. Not everyone is buying his story, though. The phones have identical cases, and if there are actually nine of them, why did he photograph them individually, some people wondered? “I’ll believe you have nine of them, as long as you take a photo of these nine phones lined up together,” one Weibo user commented.


Most skeptics believe he actually scratched the message on nine different screen protectors and placed them on the same phone before snapping the photos.


Even those who believe him aren’t impressed with the stunt. “A fool like you… Lucky for that girl to have left you,” one person wrote.





Whatever the case, this guy definitely has a tough time moving on with his life.

via CCTV News/Facebook

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