Meet the Breatharian Who Lives on Energy and Only Eats a Few Times a Year

Kirby de Lanerolle is a breatharian who gets his nourishment from light, wind and the “vibrations of God”. He claims to eat regular food as rarely as ten times a year, and is the only known person to have completed a marathon having only consumed water for 3 months.

Many people have died trying to give up food for a breatharian lifestyle, but Kirby de Lanerolle claims he has survived without eating for the last five years. A former Gold medalist at the Junior National Level Championship for Rifle Shooting 1995, winner of several boxing medals, the founder of Warehouse Project, Executive Advisor to the Ministry of Social Services in Sri Lanka and Working Director of the National Volunteering Secretariat, as well as a successful entrepreneur, Kirby is what many people would call an accomplished individual. But all this success came after he assumed a new level of consciousness, he says. At just 16 years of age, Kirby was a drug-addicted thug who liked nothing better than knocking guys around. His life was going nowhere fast, but one day he just asked himself if it was possible to assume the thoughts of a successful person, like an entrepreneur, or a professional boxer, and just like that, through the power of thought, his life took a completely different turn. Kirby de Lanerolle says the same thing happened with his bizarre eating habits.


Photo: Breatharian/Facebook

Around five years ago he was reading some old manuscripts about people who didn’t eat for up to six years and didn’t drink water for 40 days and 40 nights, as well as the writings of a guru who said that cancer, diabetes and heart diseases, all the things that kill people nowadays, are caused by food. And since there was no one to tell him it wasn’t possible, he assumed that new level of consciousness again and started cutting down on his food. Than he stopped drinking water for a week, and eventually ended up eating a meal every few months. Instead of feeling hungry or in pain, he felt more energized than ever, and last year he trained and ran a marathon without eating anything for three months. He completed the 31 kilometers without feeling particularly thirsty or tired, and he says that’s because the energy he needed didn’t come from food, but from “photons and light and vibrations and wind”.


Kirby de Lanerolle recently made an appearance on the TV show Taboo USA, where he said that “there are energy sources out there that are greater than the food calories you are putting in your body”, and that “anything can feed you if your energy centers are open”. Medical experts believe the average human being can go for as long as two months without food, but Kirby says he has only eaten seven times in the last 10 months, limiting himself to 500 calories per meal. The only breatharian in his native country of Sri Lanka, Kirby says every time he consumes ordinary food, he feels tired and ill. “In this consciousness, when I do eat food, it makes me feel very tired. And my alertness goes away when I eat now,” he explained. When he eats, de Lanerolle usually only consumes his daily communion – a small morsel of bread and red wine. His wife, Fiona, eats just a couple of meals a week.


Experts warn about the dangers of breatharianism, but Kirby claims he has regular check-ups and he is in perfect health. In fact, he is convinced his eating habits, or lack thereof, can reverse the aging process and make him immortal. Now that he’s mastered the art of feeding on energy and the Word of God, he wants to teach other as well. “I have been called to teach this better and fuller life,” the breatharian says. He has developed a program that he claims resets the brain so that the body doesn’t crave food as a necessity for survival…

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