Mom Celebrates Divorce by Tattooing 85% of Her Body

Jacqui Moore, a 41-year-old mother of two, covered 85% of her body with tattoos, in celebration of her divorce and the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

When Jacqui, from Oxford, England, divorced her husband Martin, in 2003, was so happy about her new found freedom that she decided to get a tattoo in celebration of the event. But as soon  as she walked through the door of the tattoo parlor and met Andreas “Curly” Moore her life changed once again. The two fell in love on the spot and that one tattoo she had in mind turned into a gigantic piece that spanned over eight years. The only parts that aren’t covered with ink are her left armpit, her right leg and most of her face.

Curly, who also sports an impressive full-body suit tattoo, is responsible for every one of the tattoos on Jacqui’s body. Her back is covered by a swarm of dragonflies, a giant spiderweb with tarantulas coming out of it is etched on her stomach, and her right leg features Indian and Tibetan flowers. He didn’t charge her for his services, of course, but it’s estimated the epic tattoo would have cost a mind-blowing $22,000.

Photo by Adam Gerrard/SWNS

Although Jacqui says she’s very proud of her tattooed body, and that she plans to cover up the other 15%, the English gardener admits not everyone shares her love for tattoos. Her 21-year-old daughter Kristi isn’t too happy with her mother’s extreme makeover, but she has two tattoos of her own so she can’t object very much. Other people look at her funny and some even told her she looks disgusting. Luckily, her employers respect her art and don’t have a problem with her continuing her project.

Photo by Adam Gerrard/SWNS

Photo by Adam Gerrard/SWNS

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