Who Is This Mysterious Woman in Black and Why Is She Walking Across America?

A mysterious woman dressed in black from head to toe has been spotted walking in various cities and towns in the United States. So far, her 500-mile journey has been tracked by American TV stations, the police, and followers on a Facebook page dedicated to her. The woman is known to dress in black attire, carry a black bag, and a walking stick.

Several photographs of the woman popped up all over the internet – she was spotted in multiple states including Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia. A Facebook page called ‘Where is the Mysterious Woman in Black’ is dedicated to collecting all her photographs. A few videos have been posted on Instagram as well, with the hashtag #womaninblack. In some clips she walks by silently, and in others she appears to be arguing with people about religion.


Photo: Facebook

At first, no one knew anything about the woman in black. She rarely speaks during her walks, which adds to her mysterious air. Some people suggested that she is on a religious mission. Others said that is from an Islamic nation and that she worked at the Pentagon. Some called her an angel in black and a woman even wrote that her daughters saw a sparkle/glow around her that made them peaceful.


Photo: Facebook

All these claims turned out to be baseless rumors, however, when the woman’s brother came forward and revealed her identity. The mystery was solved when Raymond Poles confirmed that the woman is his 56-year-old sister, Elizabeth Poles – a U.S. Army veteran, a mother-of-two and a widow from Motts, Alabama. Elizabeth is said to have been deeply affected by the death of her husband in 2008 and her father in 2009. She was receiving treatment at Veteran Affairs hospitals to be able to cope with her loss.


Photo: Facebook

After spending time at a VA hospital in North Carolina, she moved to Phenix City in Alabama four years ago to be closer to her brother. She resumed treatment at a nearby VA hospital and was reportedly doing ‘great’ for the first three months. She attended all her appointments and went to church every Sunday.

But things began to worsen with time. “She got to where she started walking from the hospital about a mile away.” said Raymond. “She then started just popping up at my house and then one night she came over and started cursing.” One Sunday, she shaved her head and refused to go to church. Since then, Elizabeth has been vanishing for months at at time.

Raymond remembers his sister as a kind-hearted woman. “I wish she would come back and let us help her,” he said. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has around 19,000 followers on Facebook who are attempting to keep track of her as she walks through various American states. “If you meet this woman, please, offer her a drink, a meal, whatever it may be you feel she needs. Be hospitable. Be kind,” one of the posts on the page requested.

Sources: Reuters, NBC News

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