World’s Strongest Beer Called Armageddon Is Stronger Than Whiskey

Appropriately named Armageddon, the new beer from Scotland’s Brewmeister Brewery will probably end your days if you drink too much of it. The potent concoction has an alcohol content of 65% by volume. That’s stronger than vodka or whiskey.

Although the Guinness Book of Records has yet to certify Armageddon as the world’s strongest beer, that hasn’t stopped Brewmeister from slapping the unofficial title on the label. And who can blame them, after all, that’s what makes their drink so special. Company co-founder, Lewis Shand says Armageddon “is closer to a liquor than a beer, but it is classified as a beer and we are pleased with it.” He added that “it delivers a supersonic-charged explosion and delivers the drinker to Drunksville”. That’s probably why Brewmeister’s brewers have cautioned that the beer should be sipped and served in small doses.

Brewer Jon McKenzie said: “The beer has a viscous quality to it, due to the special freeze fermentation method we use to produce such a high alcoholic beer.” How does this special method work, you ask? Well, CBS reports that the beer, made with crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats, and 100% Scottish spring water is frozen during the brewing process to get a higher alcohol content. Because water freezes but alcohol doesn’t, brewers can remove the excess water and create a beer that’s 65% alcohol. Pretty ingenious, but I do wonder if this thing still tastes like beer. I guess we can all find out next month, when Armageddon is launched at the Inverness Beer Festival, in Scotland.

In comparison, here is the alcohol content for other popular drinks: a Budweiser 5%, a glass of wine 12%, a glass of whiskey 40%. The 65% alcohol beer is not sold in the USA, but you can order it from the Brewmesiter website, for $50 a bottle. The now second world’s strongest beer was made by BrewDog, also from Scotland, the company who also made the world’s first Viagra-laced beer.

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