Young Man Suffers Spontaneous Pneumothorax After Morning Stretch

A young man from Shenzen, China, recently wound up in the hospital with a collapsed lung after suffering a freak trauma while doing his usual morning stretch.

The man, surnamed Wu told doctors that he simply got out of bed on the morning of July 16th and stretched as he usually did. However, on this particular occasion, he felt a sharp pain in his chest, and started experiencing breathing problems. He recalls his lungs feeling “itchy” which caused him to cough frequently and exacerbated the pain. As the symptoms worsened, the young man went to the hospital, where an X-Ray revealed that he had suffered a spontaneous pneumothorax on his left lung, also known as ‘collapsed lung’.

Wu’s lung was full of fluid, and he was transferred to Longgang Central Hospital for emergency surgery. Doctors extracted over 1.5 liters of blood that had accumulated in the man’s lung and managed to save his life. When he recovered and asked why he had suffered the pneumothorax, doctors told him that young men with slender physiques were more prone to suffering such freak accidents while performing certain activities, like stretching, weightlifting or diving. Because of the smaller thoracic cavity in this body type, the lungs are subjected to more pressure and are prone to lesions.

The young man was recently released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.


This is one of those rare occasion when I feel lucky to be thicker than the average man. I can barely run a 100 meters without gasping for air, but at least I can stretch as much as I want.

via Apple Daily