Fluffy Cows – Models of the Bovine World

Have you ever seen a cow that you simply couldn’t help want to cuddle? I hadn’t, until I saw these photos of extremely fluffy show calves that look like they’re modelling for some kind of bovine fashion magazine.

I first spotted these real-life plush cows on Reddit a few days ago, and I simply fell in love with them. Not in a deranged way, but I just found them irresistible and wished I had one of my own so I could sink my face in its fluffiness. Okay, enough about my weird self. These cows don’t belong to any particular breed. They are show calves, a cross between two different high-quality breeds, bred for bovine show-business. That means that apart from their genetic characteristics, owners go out of their way to make sure the cows look their best. Special feeding, basic manners training and grooming are all part of the show calf world, and believe me when I tell you a lot of effort goes into styling cattle. Just think of them as girls, but with their very own conditioners, hair sprays and lotions. Show calf trimming is also considered an art form among cattle enthusiasts, as it gives the animals that Photoshop-like boxy shape. But as you can see in the photos below, the results are nothing short of spectacular.











And just in case you still don’t think these photos are real, here’s a live one:


Photos @ Lautner Farms

via Reddit

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Feedback (3 Comments)

  • sigmund Posted on May 31, 2013

    I always loved cows. And despite being a diehard meat consumer, I have always had a very soft spot for these animals. In my opinion, it’s not even necessary to groom and take care of them this way. These animals are loveable by nature.

  • Rob Cowboy Posted on May 31, 2013

    Oh! They are so cute! Can’t wait to throw one on the BBQ this summer!

  • Hereford Boogliodemus Posted on June 1, 2013

    I used to work with my cousin who bred champion show bulls. There are people who are Bovine Beauticians who travel to the big shows and are very good at knowing what individual judges look for and then trim, shear, style and fluff accordingly. Some are very well known and make a pretty good living doing it as this can make the difference between a Champion and 4th place. Weird but true.