Chinese Dude Builds Himself a Lamborghini.

Just because someone can’t afford a Lamborghini, doesn’t mean they can’t have one. Young Chen Jinmiao built the coveted sports car, himself.

Chen had dreamed of driving his very own Lamborghini, ever since he was a child. And when he became a skilled mechanic, this ambitious man decided it was time for his dream to become a reality. He downloaded the necessary blueprints, began searching and manufacturing the parts , and after a year’s work, he finally had his own yellow Lamborghini.

Chen Jinmiao, of Chenzhou, Hunan province, spent a total of about $3,000 on his home-made Lamborghini, and though it might not look exactly like the real thing, it has the wing doors that open upwards, and a top speed of 60 miles per hour.

Photos via People’s Daily

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Feedback (21 Comments)

  • Perkele Posted on August 22, 2010

    Some fiberglass maybe?

  • John Posted on September 8, 2010

    Doesn’t look anything like a Lambo. It looks more like a cardboard box. on two wheels.

  • Hot_Ice Posted on September 23, 2010

    bumblebee after war? XD

  • dizzy Posted on October 20, 2010

    It’s a low polygons Porsche 911 😀

  • Wolfsbane Posted on November 6, 2010

    Clearly it looks nothing like a Lamborghini. The styling isn’t bad, especially the front end.

    What’s sad is it only goes 60mph. If you’re going to make your own sports car, then make it perform like one.

    I’d be more impressed with someone who does that.

  • Nuo Posted on November 13, 2010

    He probably has not heard of BYD who can make his dreams come true.

  • Will Posted on November 25, 2010

    I can’t stand when people equate “scissor doors” with “Lamborghini.” It’s one thing if he actually dreamed of owning a Lamborghini, but this car makes no effort to resemble a current or past model from Lamborghini’s lineup. And that’s good, there are way too many replicas out there. At least this design is… unique.

    I wouldn’t rag on the performance, building a 60 mph car from scratch for $3000 is not bad at all. I like his ambition. Hopefully he takes on some bigger projects and hones his skills.

  • kippaink Posted on November 30, 2010

    10/10 if some one bothers to get off there arse to build something. enough respect should be given. I would love the chance to build something my self. a mate of mine built him self a hummer. only cost him £6000. I wonder how many who dissed this guy’s car. built one them selves.

  • Mike Posted on December 7, 2010

    Now this is a REAL home made Lamborghini!! Dyno tested at 612 hp & 659 lbft tq. on page 3. BAD ASS!!!

  • Mike Posted on December 7, 2010

    This guy builds real (look a like) lambo’s Starting at $10,000 and up. So the $3,000 (home made boy) wasted on that piece of s##t could have been a down payment for this WORK OF ART!! Check out the link below, & let me know which car would you (the average Joe) save your money and buy? The (Real car) $150,000 & up or the (Kit car) $ 10,000 & up….

  • webweave Posted on January 10, 2011

    Its fugly but so what the guy made it himself. You got to admire someone who can create something and enjoy it, nothing else matters.

  • vancouver web design Posted on March 7, 2011

    You know what they say; If you wish it is Lamborghini, if you make sounds with your mouth when you driving like Lamborghini and if it can go 60 miles per hour, it must be Lamborghini.
    Looks like something you would found on the bottom of the cereal box LOL. Good for him 🙂

  • walyd Posted on March 8, 2011

    do you have to push it on the road or does it drive by itself?? 😛

  • edrg Posted on March 13, 2011

    you people are obviously idiots, does it look to you he can afford materials to do any better… besides id love to see any of you try, with his resources to do better

  • kagemusha Posted on March 16, 2011

    sometimes based on your country/location, you have limited resources in terms of what you can gather for your projects. in places like the US a plethora of parts exist because hobbyists exists. in some parts of Asia, having a hobby means you’re wealthy because most others (aka average ‘joe’) are just trying to survive life.

  • kasper Posted on May 13, 2011

    Well, this is a great design. Shows what kind of motivation he has when he wants something. Everyone who is all giving this guy shit, is an ass. The population/economy/everything of China is astounding, so his $3000 car most likely is worth $100,000 to us spoiled Americans. How many of you built a car from scratch? I certainly have not. And I assume most of you have not either. Save your criticism for when you equal his level of determination and ability.

  • puya Posted on December 15, 2011

    I would rather buy this then a lambo. Plus I don’t have 100’s of thousands of dollars.