Stretching the Limits – Meet the Famous Rubberband Boy

Shay Horay, better known as the Rubberband Boy, is one of the world’s most unusual performers. During his unique act, Horay twists tight rubber band across his face until he looks like a grotesque monster out of a horror movie. Strangely enough, kids love him.

34-year-old Shay Horay is one of those lucky few who knew what they wanted to do with their lives very early on. The young New Zealander grew up surrounded by rubber bands in his parents’ office supply shop and used them to create all kinds of crazy contraptions inspired by his favorite cartoon, Inspector Gadget. When he was just 12 years old, Shay knew he belonged on stage, making a living out of showing audiences a good time and wowing them with his strange talent. Although he specializes in stand-up comedy, unicycle and pogo stick routines, it was the Rubberband Boy character that made him internationally famous. His ability to use rubber bands to make his face look mutilated turned out to be a great crowd-pleaser, and so far he has traveled to 25 different countries entertaining people with his unique act.


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Entertaining audiences with his performances is pretty much the only job Shay has ever had, and although it has yet to make him rich, he says he is doing better than the average wage in New Zealand. “It’s not, for me, about the money,” Horay told the Otago Daily Times. “My job is making people laugh and allowing people to have a good time. Everyone needs a few extra laughs in their day.” When he’s not performing on stage, the Rubberband Boy is busy setting new world records for most rubber bands over the face in under a minute. In 2011, he manged to stretch a circulation-stopping 78 rubber bands across his face, a feat that has yet to be equaled.


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Children love to see Shay doing his Rubberband Boy act and often want to collect his stretchy props after the show, but he always recommends they don’t try it at home.


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