Rottweiler Dad Adopts Wolf Cub

Another unusual animal love story shocks the world. An 18-months-old dog and an 8-weeks-old wolf cub become best friends.

Ulrok, a fully grown Rottweiler was more than happy to become the father figure in young Beldaran’s life, after the poor baby was rejected by her natural mother. Kahlani, the wolf who gave birth to this little furry treasure, was too young herself and her maternal instincts didn’t kick in.

Caretakers at the Krisma Preserve, in Mt. Desert, Maine, tried to find another surogate parent for Beldaran, but Ulrok was the only one who accepted the young cub, when she was just four days old. Now they spend all their time together, playing in the sun, howling at the full moon and even sleeping together.

It’s nice to see them getting along so well and, no matter how down you are, just one look at them will put a big smile on your face. But, once Beldaran is old enough to take care of herself, she will be introduced to a pack of wolves, to make sure she grows up to be a wolf and not something else.

Photos by Bary Bland/ BARCROFT MEDIA

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  • connie Posted on June 17, 2009

    No surprise! We have the same situation and it’s working out fabulously. Our little wolf has grown into a gentle, devoted, very intelligent and lovable member of the family. All dogs desend from wolves. Their instincts are more in tact so training takes a little more patience. They both sleep in the house, excercise us well, and eat a healthy raw foods diet.

  • area51 Posted on November 2, 2009

    That’s wonderful.

  • Kevin Posted on November 3, 2009

    And then the wolf cub grows up and eats all the neighbors chickens. Muah ha ha. Sorry but it takes generations to tame a wolf. They should give him to those people that know how to care for it and maybe eventually reintroduce it to the wild. plus, how many friends can you make when your walking around with a wolf!!!???

  • Jones Posted on November 3, 2009

    you know that isn’t a purebred wolf? hard to tell from the pictures provided, but just based on the ears alone (wolf ears are short and rounded, those have a definite german shepherd-y point) i’d say mid to low content wolf-dog mix. of course, i could be wrong but domesticated wolves are obscenely rare and if this dog has imprinted or bonded with a domesticated rott, then its going to grow up to act like a domesticated dog, not a wolf.

  • katieq Posted on November 3, 2009

    this is adorable, but its already too late for the wolf pup to learn how to be a wolf.. the imprinting stage is all within the first year, which seems to have come and gone.

  • Shandi Posted on November 4, 2009

    Kevin did you not read the article?

  • pokkisam Posted on November 4, 2009

    this is very cute..Now they are thick friends

  • courtney Posted on November 4, 2009

    wolves can be pretty nice pets as puppies. however, when most of them hit adolescence they go through a period of trying to establish dominance in their pack (ie your family.) this is much like when a teenager gets moody and distant, but with much more potential for your puppy to maul you or your loved ones.
    cute story and pictures, though.

  • robb Posted on November 9, 2009

    pic #2 is so sweet.
    and oh btw, whoever named ulrok to it must have been running out of names.

  • Amanda Posted on November 9, 2009

    Did some of you actually read this article? It’s at a wolf preserve in Maine. It’s not like someone just saw a little wolf cub being rejected and said “Hey, let’s take this home”. It’s a preserve. For Wolves. And when the wolf does meet his adolescent moody stage, he’s going to be introduced to a wolf pack to make sure he maintains his natural state and instinct. Just because there’s a different breed dog around doesn’t mean he’s domesticated. Preserves aren’t pounds or humane societies full of domestic animals. They are filled with wild animals and perimeters to keep them safe and maintain their population. Also, it’s probably not a pure bred wolf because THEY ARE NOT BEING BRED. They are in a preserve breeding on their own free will. They are not domesticated. In the wild, there is no selective breeding or AKC registration, it’s survival of the fittest and natural selection, what’s it matter whether he’s full wolf or not? In the wild, it doesn’t matter.

  • Karen Posted on November 10, 2009

    I think its a great story! We have too few wolves, I’m glad to hear there is a wolf preserve in Maine! And Ulrok was a sweety for baby-sitting the cub. Isn’t he going to be sad, though, when his little buddy grows up & has to leave?

  • buzznod Posted on November 10, 2009

    I had a fine example of a rott she found a kitten and brought it to the house head on one side of her mouth and tail on the other she raised that cat and they were best friends.i miss those guys.

  • subimal Posted on November 12, 2009

    Amazing story. We should also learn from Ulrok. Let’s hope the whole world will think like him one day 🙂

  • dina4u Posted on December 29, 2009

    What a wonder ful world this would be,
    if humans could accept others as easily as this amazing dog did.

  • mcbey Posted on May 5, 2010

    @ Jones – every picture I’ve come across of a wolf cub looks pretty much exactly like that one! Also, if you look up Kisma Reserve you’ll see that the animals are kept in enclosures so I would imagine it would be difficult for a dog to get in there and breed.. Unless you’re suggesting the wolf bitch herself was a hybrid?

  • Someone you don't know. Posted on May 21, 2010

    Dogs are more accepting than that. I saw a dog who adopted a chicken. I saw a dog who adopted a CHIMPANZEE.

  • Someone you don't know. Posted on May 21, 2010

    Dogs are more accepting than that. I saw a dog who adopted a chicken. I saw a dog who adopted a CHIMPANZEE.

  • Michelle McGuckin Posted on March 7, 2011

    The picture with them both howling together is so adorable!!!

  • Nic Posted on May 28, 2011

    @ Kevin, you’d be surprised with how many people would be drawn to you. It’s not everyday you see someone walking a wolf, and who says that the people at >>>Krisma Preserve<<< don't have the experience needed to keep it healthy and safe?

    Know it alls such as yourself really suck. Ignorance is bliss. Your comment just shows that you didn't take the time to read the few paragraphs before opening your virtual picture book… Chode.