War Veteran Uses Carpenter Ax to Kill Attacking Bear

48-year-old Blazo Grkovic has made headlines in the international media after it was reported he managed to kill a bear in combat using only a small carpenter’s ax and his bear bare hands. The incident occurred while the brave Herzegovian was herding his flock of sheep on the edge of a forest at the foot of Volujak Mountain.

Gacko, as he is known among friends, told the press he was guarding his sheep on the slopes of Volujak Mountain at dawn, as he usually did. Suddenly, a bear jumped out of the bushes and grabbed him by the leg. No stranger to combat situations, the former first-class fighter of Gatačkoj Brigade in the Bosnian War of 1992 instinctively reached for his trusty carpenter ax and hit the animal in the neck, knocking it on its back. Instead of running away, like most other people in his situation would have done, he jumped onto the bear and continued hitting it. Although he doesn’t remember too many details about the fight, or how long it lasted, Blazo says that at one point the animal managed to knock the ax out of his hand, and he recalls having one arm in the bear’s mouth and the other on its neck trying to suffocate it. Grkovic sustained dozens of injuries to his arms, legs and face during the epic struggle, but ultimately managed to kill the attacking bear. Unable to walk, he phoned his brother for help, and when he arrived with an ambulance, they found him next to the almost decapitated body of the bear.


Photo: Avaz

Blazo’s proud wife, Mira, told reporters that her husband inherited his strength and courage from his great-grandfather, Stevan, who in his time was famous as one of the strongest men in Herzegovina. But the man his hospital ward colleagues now call “Grizzly Adams Gacko” says he was lucky to land that very first ax blow that stunned the animal and knocked it on its back. Although surprised by the attack, he managed to remain calm and fearless, realizing he was fighting for his life. Another incredible detail of this story is that as soon as he slew the bear, Blazo noticed an even bigger one had been watching the whole thing from just a few feet away. It turned around and disappeared into the forest shortly after, to his relief. Blazo believes it was the mate of the female he defeated.


Gacko sustained serious injuries, especially on his left forearm where the muscles and soft tissues have been severely damaged, but doctors at the hospital in Foca expect him to make a full recovery. He’s going to have one crazy story to tell his grandchildren.

Sources: Novosti, Avaz

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