Woman Gets Eyeliner Pencil Stuck in Her Eye While Doing Makeup in a Taxi

Most women think that the worst thing that can happen while doing their makeup in a moving vehicle is to mess up and start over, but as this poor woman in Bangkok recently learned, there are worse things than makeup smudges.

Emergency service rescuers in Bangkok, Thailand, were summoned to the scene of a minor car crash in the Ratchathewi District, yesterday. A cab had crashed into the back of a slow moving truck, but while such accidents are quite frequent and rarely result in serious injuries, in this case, the passenger in the back of the taxi had sustained a piercing wound to her left eye. Rescuers reported that the woman was using an eyeliner when the crash happened, so the pencil jammed into her eye socket.

Photo: Sanook

“Her eye was not bleeding but there was some blood, not a lot, running down her nose — since the two organs are so closely connected,” volunteer rescuer Thanabodee Sabbodi told Amarin TV. “She was still conscious when we arrived and could hold a conversation.”

However, the woman was in severe pain and the rescuers lacked the medical expertise to handle such a delicate wound, so she had to be transported to the nearby Rajavithi Hospital. Doctors there rushed her into surgery and managed to successfully extract the pencil. Under the circumstances, the woman can consider herself lucky. Even though half the pencil had pierced her eye and lodged itself in the eye socket, it went through the sclera – the white part of the eye – so it didn’t permanently damage her vision.


Coconuts Bangkok reports that, as of this morning, the unnamed woman is able to slightly open her left eye and is expected to make a full recovery in the near future.

Does doing makeup in a moving vehicle save you some time? Sure, but is it really worth the risk of having a makeup tool jammed in your eye?

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