How to Make a Modern Mummy the Old Fashioned Way

The way mummies were created in ancient Egypt has puzzled scientists for years, but they were able to figure out the process that made human bodies last for thousands of years. And, thanks to a set of photos published by China Daily, I’m able to present you the making of a mummy:

The corpse is laid on a special table that helps drain the fluids from the body

Scientists remove the organs and the brain

The body is buried in a kind of mineral salt

The organs are placed in jars filled with balm

The mummy’s hand, after being removed from the mineral salt

The mummy is being dabbed with spices

The mummy is wrapped in cotton sheets

Ancient incantations are written on the cotton

And voila, here’s your mummy.

And, as the famous show goes, now you know how it’s made.

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