Modern-day Noah’s Arc

While religious experts search for proof Noah’s Arc really existed, modern artists build replicas of the ship from The Book of Genesis.

Johan Huibers a Dutch creationist from Schagen, Netherlands spent a lot of time and approximately $1.2 million to build a modern-day Noah’s Ark that’s 1/5 of the one described in The Bible. He started thinking about this project back in 1992 when the idea that his home country could become flooded due to global warming. Even when the idea became less popular he still continued to think about it and realized it was a great way to bring his fellow countrymen closer to religion.

So he began work on his 70 meters-long, 9,5 meters-wide and 13 meters-high arc in 2005 with money gathered from bank loans and now it’s ready to sail and calibrated to narrowly pass under every bridge in the interior waters of Netherlands. Although he couldn’t use the same materials described in The Book of Genesis, this modern Noah’s Arc is a nice replica and it even has some animal models to make it look more real.















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  • Duhhhhh Posted on August 18, 2008

    What about his Ark, then?

    I know he was a mean geometer, but don’t you think his boat would have been more interesting to people outside mathematics?

  • Li'l Bit Posted on December 4, 2008

    I think this was a most noble undertaking, and I applaud him. I was astounded to see that he even insulated it. How engenious!! He seems to have thought of everything, although, I didn’t see a bathroom. If nothing comes from the global warming waters, he could turn it into a wonderful museum.

  • john carson Posted on February 4, 2009

    In view of looming political, military, and economic conditions the concept of a modern, self contained, self propelled, state of the art arc is sound indeed.