Self-defense instructions for women

The Japanese have decided to release a series of woman self-defense instructional images to help them fight-off aggressors. Judging by the moves depicted I have to say I pity the fool who would dare attack a woman trained in these martial arts. that head-blow alone would bring any man to its knees, the other blows are just for fun. Beware women-aggressors, you may become the victims.








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  • Al Posted on September 27, 2008

    Which book is it from?

  • Pericles Posted on October 16, 2008

    Actually that upward strike with the top of the head is NOT to be recommended. The top of a woman’s skull is more delicate than the man’s jaw and the woman would be incapacitated by the pain in her head. Think about any time when you have banged your head, you were shocked for a second or two, right?

    That leaflet is a dangerously misleading document and I do think you will see such a strike advocated in real self defence systems. It is too dangerous to the victim of an attack. However, Women and men can equip them selves with real self defence skills by taking up Krav Maga. There are other systems as well, but KM offers a women her best chance of survival, because the first thing it teaches is that when you know an environment is likely to be dangerous, you don’t go there. OK?

    However we all know shit happens and when it does two or three KM techniques, practiced time and time again, wearing protective armour, so that the pain of full force strikes to and from your training partner will educate your muscles to remember the moves without you thinking of what to do. In a surprisingly short time a woman can be really good, with enough skill to surprise and incapacitate her attacker long enough to get away to a place of safety. That’s what it’s about. OTOH, a dedicated, athletic KM enthusiast who decides to train up the ranks to master levels could walk through the valley of death and fear no evil because that person would be just about the toughest bastard there.

    The point to remember is that all masters of all martial arts are incredibly good at what they do. It is just that KM makes novices into self defence fighters faster, because that is its primary aim. To save your life. It’s an essential survival skill and should be part of everyone’s education. Yes you can learn Karate or Wushu or any other tradition martial arts. If you are an athlete you’ll become good at it. but KM makes you a fighter faster than anything else because it’s founded on eliminating the threat and leaving the scene. It sprang from the necessities of war where it was not about dying for your country, but making other soldiers die for theirs.

    KM teaches you to be self aware and street wise. See a threat eliminate the threat with devastating force and get away. KM teaches you how to react sensibly in extremes conditions where you are frightened, tired, hurt and under threat of death and in certain circumstances will prepare you to die well. It’s military training, used by civilians and it’s Israeli, which is why it works. Learn it and it will one day probably save your life and maybe that of your friends and family. IF you would have peace, prepare for war! Take the example of the legions of Rome. It was written that their drills were bloodless battles and their battles were bloody drills. So it is with KM, you are trained in the dark with multiple attackers until you can no longer stand. Then after a breather, it all starts again. Ten hours of that and only the crassly incompetent will not progress. Bloody battered, but still standing, no wonder KM works.