Every Day This Nice Old Man Is Visited by a Wild Hummingbird

Every day, 83-year-old Joao Silvestrini has the most unusual visitor – a hummingbird! It flies in and out of the kitchen window of his Brazil home several times a day, stopping for a chirpy chat and a drink of sugar water.

The story of the unusual friendship between man and bird has become popular on Facebook, after Joao filmed the bird and posted the video online, last month. The footage shows the tiny bird flying around Joao’s head and waiting patiently until he offers it the daily dose of sugar sweetened water.

Joao is a bachelor and a retired ornithologist; he wakes up at 5.30 every morning to open the kitchen window and wait for his little friend. Before long, the bird arrives in search of water and continues the routine several times during the day. “When he wants water, he is flying around me, he will not let me use the computer,” Joao laughed.


Photo: Facebook

“I like animals and always put sugar water for the hummingbirds in the backyard, but this one is shameless,” he added. “I talk to him, try to get closer, but he does not care for me. In fact, he only cares about drinking water.”

Joao said that he isn’t surprised by this unusual behavior, because the bird seems to have become accustomed to human presence since it was very young. He also explained that hummingbirds are quite territorial, so if another one tries to drink from its special bird feeder, it will result in a fight.

Ever since he uploaded the video, Joao has been getting several likes and friend requests on Facebook. “I cannot evaluate all the requests,” he said. “I just close my eyes and accept.” He is quite amazed at all the positive response – he explained that he only meant to share it with his friends and relatives, and he did not expect to become famous because of it.

As much as he enjoys the hummingbird’s companionship, Joao knows that it will be short-lived. He realises that as the bird grows, it will become more independent and seek food from other sources. “It is already growing, it is almost an adult and will eventually leave. That’s life,” he said.

via: Planet Vet

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