Meet Rope Daddy, a Special French Bulldog Specimen Valued at $120,000

Rope Daddy is an exceptional specimen of Big Rope, one of the most sought-after varieties of French Bulldog, whose enviable genetic traits allegedly make him worth around $120,000.

According to a study by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the global number of French bulldogs has increased by over 1,000% in the last decade, helping the canine breed dethrone the Golden Retriever as the world’s most popular dog breed. However, this overnight popularity has caused the degradation of the breed’s genetic structure, resulting in thinner, longer, and taller dogs, all of which are considered undesired traits. The Big Rope variety is characterized by a small, compact, and muscular body, and a large, square head, making it among the most coveted among French bulldog fans. But even among other Big Rope specimens, one pooch stands out as exceptional thanks to its excellent genetic material. His name is Rope Daddy and he is probably the world’s most expensive French bulldog.

Photo: Julian Montoya/Instagram

Sporting a beautiful cream-brown coat, mesmerizing golden eyes, compact body, and squarish head, Rope Daddy is considered one of the world’s most luxurious Big Rope specimens. His Colombian breeder, Julian Montoya, claims that the pooch embodies all the best traits of his breed, adding that his current value is around $120,000.

Photo: Julian Montoya/Instagram

Caring for such a majestic specimen and catering to his every need isn’t cheap. Julian says he spends about $350 a month on Rope Daddy’s diet, which includes raw meat, carrots, and Greek yogurt, as well as vitamins and other supplements.

Photo: Julian Montoya/Instagram

In the United States, demand for French bulldogs with Big Rope characteristics has doubled, a trend that is currently being mimicked throughout South America as well, and that is bound to push the value of elite specimens like Rope Daddy even higher.


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Apart from their sought-after physical characteristics, Big Rope bulldogs are also extremely friendly, have a balanced temperament and are less prone to health-related issue than other French bulldog varieties.