Heaven Is in Japan – Cafe Specializes in Mouthwatering Giant Ice-Cream Parfaits

Cafe Olympic, a small restaurant in Nagasaki, Japan, is better known as ‘Parfait Heaven’. And for good reason – they serve a variety of jumbo-size parfaits that range in height from 1.5 ft. to a whopping 4 ft. tall.

The tallest parfait, the Nagasaki Dream Tower (120 cm), is filled with all kinds of wonderful things – ice cream, ice cream cones, chocolate cake, sherbet, soft serve ice cream, fruit, chiffon cake, coffee jello, whipped cream, corn flakes and even a slice of cheesecake. All these ingredients and more are stuffed into an extremely large parfait glass and topped off with Olympic Rings, to match the name of the restaurant and also mark the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The sinful dessert is served with a giant spoon to reach all the sugary goodness down to the bottom of the glass.


Definitely a diabetic’s worst nightmare, the Nagasaki Dream is impossible to finish single-handedly. People generally order it in groups; each person is given and individual plate for the toppings and then the spoon is used to attack the glass itself. The giant parfaits are a huge hit with school kids, who obviously have the appetite for so much sugar. One picture shows a group of kids posing with an empty glass – they polished off the 120 cm parfait in 17 minutes flat.


“When I was there, one of these huge monsters was brought out for a group of about one dozen to share,” a tourist wrote in a TripAdvisor review. “When it came out everyone in the cafe stopped what they were doing and broke into spontaneous applause.” The person also wrote that Cafe Olympic is tricky to locate – it’s on the first floor with just a staircase leading up to it, accompanied by a small display window filled with parfaits. Their regular meals are good too, but their desserts take the cake!







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