Utah Man Has Eaten Over 12,000 Big Mac Burgers in the Last 30 Years

He doesn’t look like your average junk-food addict, but 64-year-old Dennis Rosinlof says that he’s been hooked on McDonald’s Big Macs for the last three decades. During that time, the Utah man estimates he has consumed at least 12,000 burgers.

Dennis started eating Big Mac burgers when he started working as a salesman, 30 years ago, and has never stopped since. For the last two decades, the Vietnam War veteran says he has been eating at least 10 Big Macs a week, and he still can’t get enough of them. He has one on Monday, on his way home from work, two on Tuesday, one on the way to work, and one on the way home, one Big Mac for breakfast on Wednesday, two on Thursday and Friday, and always two of them on Saturday. He only takes a break from his favorite food on Saturday, when his wife cooks for the whole family. Dennis estimates he has spent around $60,000 on Big Mac meals ever since he first started eating them 30 years ago, but says that’s less than what he has spent on car fuel, and that doesn’t come with fries and a beverage.


You’d expect someone who eats fast food six days out of a week to pack more than a few extra pounds and struggle with health-related problems, but at 64, Dennis Rosinlof is in tip-top shape. The 6-foot-tall salesman weighs just 165 pounds and has a cholesterol level of under 200. His wife, a registered nurse, and his kids have tried convincing Dennis to eat healthier, but seeing as his current eating habits don’t seem to be affecting him in a negative way, they eventually backed off. A single Big Mac meal contains around 930 calories, so even when he eats two of them a day, Dennis doesn’t go over the 2,000 calorie recommended daily intake, as he says he doesn’t eat much else. That’s how he and dietician¬†David Zinczenko explain his lean physique.

Rosinlof, who clarified he doesn’t work for McDonald’s, has eaten over 12,000 Big Mac burgers in the last 30 years,and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.¬†“I look forward to going to McDonald’s every single time,” he told reporters. “I enjoy what I eat and it tastes good so I get the same thing every day”. 12,000 is a very impressive number, but Dennis Rosinlof is not the world’s biggest Big Mac fan. That title goes to Don Gorske, the mack daddy of Big Macs, who has so far consumed over 25,000 calorie bombs.

Source: KSL

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