Designer Creates Shirt That’s More Expensive Than a Car

The Royals of ancient times wore clothes that were studded with precious stones and metals. Now you can too, if you are ready to pay an arm and a leg, that is. Or just five million rupees ($97,500).

This pricey shirt was created by an Indian designer, Amitabh Chandel. A descendant of a royal family himself, he says he wanted to create a shirt suitable for today’s royalty. What makes the shirt so expensive is the fine silk it’s made of, and the diamond buttons, set in gold. The shirt is in fact part of an entire collection, the price range starting at around 50,000 Rupees ($950). He says that modern royal men, as well as commoners are welcome to place orders for the shirts. Mr. Chandel says claims these shirts are a perfect blend of the practical and the royal. Since traditional royal attire cannot be worn every day, these shirts allow a sense of richness to pervade regular clothing.

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Mr. Chandel hasn’t received any orders for his the 5 million Rupee shirt yet, but he’s optimistic. A few orders have come in for the less expensive shirts, however. He was formerly a member of the country’s Congress Party, and had of late started to design clothes for himself and his family. This is the first time he is making a sale in public. The delivery of the shirts is free within 200 miles of the purchase. However, customers would need to pay the shipping charges for far off places.


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