Swearing Hotline Lets Germans Blow Off Some Steam, for a Fee

Boss giving a hard time at work? Wife can’t seem to stop nagging you when you get home? Do you feel like lashing out at people all the time, but are afraid of social consequences? Fear no more, as an innovative new hotline allows frustrated people to use their most fowl language as a way to blow off steam.

It’s called “Schimpf-los” (German for “swear away”) and it’s an innovative new hotline that has operators standing by 24/7 ready to take serious verbal abuse from people who feel like blowing off steam by swearing. “We don’t judge people who are angry,” said Ralf Schulte, one of the creators of this offbeat service. “It happens. It’s natural. With us you can blow off steam no strings attached.” The 41-year-old entrepreneur set up Schimpf-los along with partner Alexander Brandenburger, after drawing inspiration from their own stressful daily routine. They realized their idea would help people avoid altercations at the workplace or at home, by providing an alternative place to release all tension. “If you’re stressed out at work, you go home and your partner gets an earful,” Schulte comments. “Even though it’s not her fault.” With Schimpf-los, angry folks need not worry about this kind of scenarios anymore.

But let’s face it, swearing at someone who doesn’t talk back is no fun. And that’s precisely why the operators of this swearing hotline will always try to provoke callers who aren’t creative enough with their swearing or find themselves out of words. Lines like “That’s the third time I’ve heard that today” or “Is that all you’ve got?” are just some of the weapons Schimpf-los use to taunt their clients. The service is available seven days a week and costs €1.49 per minute, which according to its creators is a bargain considering it helps you get everything off your chest.

Source: Reuters

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