Dog Proves He Is Truly A Man’s Best Friend

The relationship between a dog and its master has always been a special one, and is often depicted in books and films as well. Dogs tend to know things instinctively, and it’s no secret that a dog is possibly one of the best companions to human beings.

Time and again, we have heard stories of courage and love displayed by these furry four-legged creatures. One such story has emerged from a village in Eastern China. A story, where love and loyalty transcend even the barriers of death.

Lao Pan, 68, passed away earlier this month, a single man. He had lived in a room in Panjiatun village located near Qingdao city in Shandong Province. His furry playmate was possibly the only companion he had at the time of his death. Strangely, the dog was nowhere to be found after the room had been cleared up.

A while later, the adorable yellow dog was found outside the village, near Lao Pan’s grave. Apparently, it was still trying to protect its owner. The local villagers tried hard to coax the dog back to the village so they could feed it, but it would not budge. Eventually he came back, but promptly returned to the grave with a few buns in tow. Touched by the deep loyalty and affection displayed by the dog, the villagers now plan to build a kennel for it right next to the grave. Lao Pan and his dog seem to have shared a truly blessed relationship.


This isn’t the first impressive example of canine loyalty. At the beginning of 2011, during the devastating landslides that took so many lives in Brazil, photos of a dog named Leao, who stood by his owner’s grave for several days, made the rounds on the interwebs.

via Sky News

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