Man Uses Imposter Wife to Get Legal Marriage Annuled

A Canadian judge recently canceled a marriage annulment after discovering that the “wife” who testified during court proceedings had been an imposter.

Warren and Gina Zant married in the tropical Cook Islands on Nov. 27, 1999, but split two decades later, filing a separation agreement that stated that the ex-wife would receive survivor benefits under Warren Zant’s Operating Engineers’ Pension Plan. However, last year, the husband filed a bizarre case with the British Columbia Supreme Court in Kamloops seeking the annulment of his former marriage, based on a testimony of his ex-wife, who claimed that she had been fully aware that their marriage had not been legally binding. Only the woman claiming to be Gina Zant was apparently an imposter.

Almost a year ago, Justice Dennis Hori approved Warren Zant’s request to have the marriage annulled, which meant the loss of his ex-wife’s interest in the man’s pension plan, after hearing the testimonies of two people who identified themselves via “remote audio connection” as Warren and Gina Zant. However, the court would later hear from Gina Zant, who appeared distraught with the annulment, claiming to have never been involved with the case at all.

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Hori explained that the woman claiming to be Gina Zant had not only admitted that the marriage was null and void, but had also filed a signed document stating the same. Based on the information and assurances of the two parties, the judge had granted the annulment, thus ending the ex-wife’s right to be Warren Zant’s┬ápension beneficiary.

Following the court ruling, Warren Zant sent a copy of the annulment order to the Operating Engineers’ Pension Plan, which later contacted the real Gina Zant, who said she “was unaware of any court proceedings.”

After being contacted by the real ex-wife about the marriage annulment, Justice Dennis Hori went down a rabbit hole in his quest to uncover the truth. He found dubious documents supporting Warren Zant’s original annulment application, which several officials have since denied ever writing, fake commissioners not listed on any list of lawyers and notaries public on the government’s website, and an imposter playing the ex-wife.

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“I am unable to determine, on the basis of the evidence before me, who actually appeared at the [annulment] application representing herself as Gina Elizabeth Zant. However, I am satisfied that whoever attended by telephone on that date was an imposter,” Hori wrote in his decision to cancel the marriage annulment he had approved almost a year ago.

It isn’t clear if Warren Zant and the person who impersonated his ex-wife during the hearing for his marriage annulment stand to suffer any consequences, but the real Gina Zant’s lawyer definitely thinks they should.

“It’s my submission that the claimant needs to face personal repercussions for this type of conduct,” the lawyer said. “I think there also needs to be a loud message to like-minded individuals that our system of justice is based on principles of honesty and that there are serious consequences for fraudulent conduct.”

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