Porsche-Owning Rich Teen Sells Scarves on Side of the Road for Gas Money

A young tuhao (Chinese nouveau riche) from Shaoxing city, China, is making the news for his uncharacteristic behavior. A few nights ago, he was spotted getting out of his swanky new Porsche, only to set up a makeshift roadside stall on the pavement to sell scarves to passers-by. He was accompanied by a lady friend, who assisted him with sales.

Onlookers were so bewildered by this that they couldn’t help asking him what on earth he was doing. That’s when he explained: “I sell scarves here just to earn money to buy gas for my car.” He told reporters that while his parents had gifted him an expensive car, he didn’t think it was right to ask for gas money as well. The girl added that they were also interested in gaining experience in entrepreneurship and business, along with making some pocket money.


As admirable as his intentions appeared to be, it is illegal to sell goods along the street in Shaoxing. When a policeman pointed this out, the kid simply ignored him. This lead to a conflict, which attracted even more attention. Eventually, the two had to drive away to a different location to continue hawking their scarves.


Upon reading this story, I thought ‘there’s a responsible young man’, but it seems not everyone agrees with me. After photos of the young entrepreneur went viral online, some people started accusing him of being just another rich kid looking to get a taste of the poor life, just for kicks. It’s not as unusual as it sounds. In fact, just last year, we wrote about a slum-like African resort designed specifically for rich people wanting to experience tough life for a short period.



What do you think, is this young men just a responsible son trying to fend for himself, or just a rich kid with a twisted sense of humor?




Photos: NetEase

via Shanghaiist

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