World’s Most Inconvenient Convenience Store Is Perched on the Side of a Cliff

The Shiniuzhai Scenic Area in China’s Hunan Province is home to the world’s most inconvenient convenience store, a small wooden hut perched on the side of a vertical cliff, 120 meters above ground.

Located right next to a via ferrata that visitors can navigate using iron handrails, horizontal ladders, and fixed cables, the unique convenience store used to be a rock climbing hut where climbers could rest midway through their ascent up the cliff. However, a few years ago, it was converted into this very unusual convenience store that provides visitors with free water, as long as they have their own refillable water containers, as well as mooncakes, sodas, and juices, for a price. The hanging convenience store has reportedly been open for years, but it only went viral recently, after videos of it started doing the rounds online.

The world’s most inconvenient convenience store serves tourists during the busy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, giving them the chance to hydrate and take their minds off of the climb.

The small wooden store is perched on the side of a vertical cliff wall, 120 meters above ground, and can only accommodate one person inside at a time. When it’s time to restock, employees use a rope to pull the supplies from the ground.


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