Japanese Company Creates Garlic-Flavored Dark Beer

Here’s some interesting news: a Japanese company has combined its popular dark beer with the pungent, intense flavor of black garlic, thus creating the unique and rather bizarre Aomori Garlic Black Beer.

Featuring a sleek black label with elegant golden writing, the black garlic-flavored beer bottle – which costs 630 yen ($6.5) – looks very appealing to any avid dark beer lover. The first sip of Aomori Garlic Black Beer doesn’t taste very different from any other quality black beer, but as the dark goes down your throat and into the stomach, the potent black garlic flavor starts to take over your mouth. Incredibly, those brave enough to actually try the Aomori Garlic Black Beer say the spicy, potent aftertaste is very addictive, making you want to drink more and more of the strange beverage.


Photo: RocketNews24

You might wonder what the heck black garlic is. Apparently the repulsive-looking spice is the result of fermenting normal garlic in a hot room for a lengthy period of time. The bulb is kept in the controlled temperature room until it becomes charcoal black. The Hokuriku Expat Kitchen website states that this new culinary discovery has a flavor resembling “a perfect mix of molasses-like richness and tangy garlic undertones.” When cooked and added to pasta, for example, the charcoal cloves are actually delicious, managing to impress the taste buds of even less adventurous eaters. Although it looks unappealing, black garlic seems so have taken the culinary world by force and has even made an appearance in the New York Times. However, some foodies have reported that the gelatinous black cloves actually taste just like what they are – fermented garlic.


Photo: Hokuriku Expat Kitchen

If you’re still worried about trying this seemingly delicious ingredient either in its gelatinous or liquid form, you might be happy to know that black garlic contains much more antioxidants than normal garlic.

Source: RocketNews24