New Time Trial Cycling Helmet Looks Like Something Out of Spaceballs

Dutch professional sports team Visma-Lease a Bike recently debuted the Aerohead 2.0, a time trial cycling helmet with an outrageous design that seems to have been inspired by Mel Brooks’s cult comedy, Spaceballs.

Visma-Lease a Bike is known for thoroughly testing every innovation it implements, and the Aerohead 2.0 cycling helmet is no different. The new time trial head gear was designed and developed in collaboration with American company Giro Sport Design and debuted earlier this month, on the first stage of Tirreno-Adriatico, where it caused quite a stir due to its unusual shape. Considerably larger than most time trial cycling helmets, the Aerohead 2.0 has an unusually large visor that could help with visibility when head-down riding, as well as wider wings and an upward-elongated front tip. It has been described as “ridiculous” and an “eyesore”, but Visma-Lease a Bike swears by its aerodynamic qualities.

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